White Paper: 18,000 Reasons to Rethink Professional Development

Excellence in the classroom: students deserve it, parents demand it, teachers strive for it, and you work to ensure it. You develop solid curriculum, hire great people and support your educators in teaching young minds well. Professional learning for your teachers leads to better education for your students — at least in theory.

That raises the question: can you tell how effective your professional development really is? Last year a report* found that the districts they surveyed spent about $18,000 annually per teacher on professional development, yet could only demonstrate substantial improvement in three out of ten teachers.

Done well, professional learning plays a valuable role. Our white paper gives you tools to re-evaluate your plan and get on track.

This white paper includes:

  • Criteria to evaluate your current professional development efforts
  • Steps to empower your educators to set goals and track their progress
  • Ways to maximize the impact of the resources you put toward professional learning
  • Tools to measure the effectiveness of professional learning in your district

* The Mirage © TNTP 2015. The Mirage report and TNTP are not affiliated with Frontline Education.

Download the white paper below.