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Bring Top-tier K-12 Educators and Staff to Your District

With Frontline’s Recruiting & Hiring software, you’ll engage job-seekers and hire the best candidates.

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Solutions to Make Hiring Seamless

Behind every student success story is a great teacher, and students in your district are counting on you to find the best educators. That’s where Frontline Recruiting & Hiring software comes in. You’ll seamlessly post open roles, search and recruit the best K-12 talent, screen and hire in one user-friendly platform, all while saving time and
effort along the way. 

Create automated campaigns to reach new candidates as they apply, reach thousands of K-12 educators interested in working in your state, and send personalized messages to those in your campaign criteria inviting them to apply.

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Easily sort and filter to find the best candidates, manage interview scheduling, and get progress insights all in record time. 

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Take the guesswork out of screening the best applicants – structure interviews and provide interviewers with questions based on applicant scores.

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“The reach has allowed us to bring in more applicants, and the efficiency allows for the experience to way be way better, for both us and them.”

– Chris Sadler
Director of Human Resources, Sun Prairie Area School District

Integrating Recruiting & Hiring

Frontline’s Recruiting & Hiring software connects directly with Frontline Central and Human Capital Analytics. Get your hires seamlessly into onboarding with Frontline Central, and analyze recruiting and absence data with Human Capital Analytics.

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Optimize Your Hiring Process

Every open position is an opportunity to hire your next great employee: someone who will make a lasting impact on your students, whether that’s a teacher, support staff assistant or administrator.

But the process to find the perfect candidates demands a lot of time – a resource you’re probably short on.  

Frontline Recruiting & Hiring will save you time and effort, while consistently hiring outstanding candidates. We’ve made it simple for you to efficiently bring the best K-12 talent into your district.


Learn how interviewsteam and Frontline Recruiting & Hiring can help you bring the best talent into your district.  

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