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Applicant Screening Assessments

Screening Assessments, a part of Frontline Recruiting & Hiring

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Employ Research-based Assessments

Weed out unqualified applicants and automatically highlight top performers with research-based tests.

Structure Interviews

Access interview questions based on each specific applicant’s assessment results and gain a deeper understanding of their capabilities.

Get the Visibility You Need

Maintain and document a fair, defensible hiring process with our EEOC-compliant assessments.

Validate Decisions

Assess your hiring decisions to ensure that the best hire was made with post-hire performance surveys

Score applicants. Find the best candidates. Save time.


“Our evidence is clear based on the hires that we’ve made that the screening assessments really set the cream of the crop apart from the rest.”

Dale Fisher
Assistant Superintendent for Human Resources, Deerfield Public Schools District 109, Illinois

“Having the ability to sort applicants by certain measures allows me to set up screening criteria. For example, in order to make it to a pipeline, applicants must have a score of six or above. They need a major area GPA of 3.0 or above, and they have to have the appropriate certification that makes them eligible for a job. I’ve set up a screening protocol within Frontline Recruiting & Hiring that allows me to hit a button so I can see all of that information at a glance. I can very quickly move candidates to the pipeline so that they’re there for principals.”

— Lisa Hatfield
Director of Human Resources, Raymore-Peculiar School District, Missouri

Frequently Asked Questions

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Talk to me about prescreening and EEOC compliance.

How much do the assessments cost?

What makes Frontline’s solution different?

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