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Thought Leadership

Frontline stands at the forefront of innovation in K-12 district software, and we pride ourselves on being visionary thought leaders. Our team is dedicated to developing intuitive products that empower educators, administrators, and students alike, and that foster a dynamic environment built for growth and success.

A Resource for Schools

With resources like our white papers, research briefs, and the Frontline Research and Learning Institute, Frontline strives to go above and beyond an education software company. By using the decades of data, research, and partnerships at our disposal, we’re able to engage with our community, and be a resource to support K-12 school leaders across the country. We’re most passionate about using this work to shape the future of K-12 education, drive positive change, and transform the educational experience for generations to come.

The Frontline Research and Learning Institute

Founded in 2016, the Frontline Research and Learning Institute is dedicated to thought leadership and to serving school districts nationwide.

The primary goal of this work is to provide data-backed research, resources and observations to support and advance the educational community. Using the extensive data Frontline has collected since launching in 1998, the Institute represents groundbreaking developments in improving K-12 systems using education technology.

The Frontline Research and Learning Institute also connects with primary research partners to review, evaluate and validate the data analysis and research methodology, publishing monthly reports and regularly scheduled research papers.

We are proud to work with our esteemed advisory council and partners, including the Johns Hopkins University Center for Research and Reform in Education, who assist in formulating research focus and questions.

Access to insights like those provided by the Frontline Research and Learning Institute allow school districts to reflect on their own daily practice while measuring their progress against thousands of similar organizations across the country.

Learn more about the Frontline Research and Learning Institute.