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Get a Comprehensive View of the Employee Information You Need

Frontline Central: Software designed to oversee all employee-related documents and data within your school district.

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Save Time, Maintain Compliance, and Empower Employees

Frontline Central is the core of employee lifecycle management within Frontline’s Human Capital Management (HCM) suite of software. With a centralized homepage for important employee information from across the HCM suite, you’ll save time, maintain compliance, and empower employees to manage their own information. With Central, you’ll get back hours spent on paperwork by having one, simplified dashboard.

Concise Information

Find the information you need and take action right from a centralized home page, from monitoring expiring credentials to filling absences to approving PD requests.

Streamlined Forms and Workflows

Make new hire onboarding, contract renewals, and more easier with automated, paperless forms and customized workflows.

Centralized Staff Directory and Profiles

Easily manage employee demographic information in a single, secure, digital location with easy navigation.

Refine Your Onboarding Process

Automatically share critical new hire information as part of the onboarding process, guide new hires through paperwork and track progress, and instill confidence in new teachers from day one by knowing they have everything they need.

Empower Your Employees

Frontline Central allows staff to manage their own information, submit and track forms they need, track credentials at the national, state, and district level, find updates and open requests. 

Bring It All Together

You work in K-12 because you want to make a difference for educators and students — not because you want to spend hours managing forms. Say goodbye to tedious paperwork and administrative tasks. Frontline Central gives you a complete picture of what’s going on in your district, keeps data in one centralized place, and makes efficiency a priority. 

Human Capital Analytics for Central

Explore your Frontline Central data to gain insights about your faculty, staff, and their assignments.

The Difference is Night and Day

“The difference with Frontline Central is night and day. We do everything through the platform. All of our onboarding packets, our contracts, our absence tracking, our job descriptions…everything.”

Bruce Chaffin

Human Resources Director, Livingston Parish Public Schools
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