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Insights & ideas for K-12 education leaders.

Get a Scholarship to the Learning Forward Academy — Here’s How to Apply
Are you passionate about supporting and leading professional learning within your organization? If so, you may be familiar with the Learning Forward Academy — a rich blended learning experience immersing participants in inquiry- and problem-based learning.
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Is There a Leak in Your Applicant Pipeline?
Despite the number of recent articles being posted in newsfeeds with increasing regularity, the ongoing teacher shortage crisis isn’t breaking news. But according to A Leak in the Pipeline: How Hiring Bias Might Be Compounding the Teacher Shortage, we may be missing a key contributor to the shortages plaguing many districts across the country.
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Recovery & Innovation After Disaster: Livingston Parish’s Story
In August 2016, the town of Livingston was hit with severe flooding. Within 24 hours, the district received 33 inches of rain, leading to floods ranging from two inches to nine feet. Repairing the damage to the 17 flooded schools was estimated to cost up to $350 million, 90 percent of which would be covered by FEMA. However, Livingston Parish was still responsible for funding for the remaining ten percent — a difficult mandate for a district with an annual budget of about $250 million.
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Are Teacher Evaluations and a Growth Mindset Mutually Exclusive?
Wouldn’t the process of giving feedback, which is, really, criticizing through performance evaluation processes, conflict with the promotion of a growth mindset? Given what is known about the negative effects of performance evaluation, could it be claimed that these hierarchical and outdated management practices may in fact promote a fixed mindset in adults?
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6 Questions to Ask About New Professional Learning Opportunities
Each day, nearly 12,000 students walk into classrooms at Jenks Public Schools. Sitting just south of Tulsa, Oklahoma, the district places a strong emphasis on academic performance — a focus that stems from serving students for more than a century.
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Infographic: An Equity Roadmap for Special Ed Classification
In the report series Crossing the Line, published by the Frontline Research & Learning Institute, we’ve been exploring special education classifications. In Part 1 of the series, we looked at educator perceptions versus reality in regards to the appropriateness of classifications.
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Podcast Employee Wellness at Emporia Public Schools
Employee wellness programs aren’t just for corporate America anymore. In Emporia Public Schools, former Assistant Superintendent for Human Resources Dr. Andy Koenigs led the charge to create an incredibly successful wellness initiative from scratch.
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Handy Resources Professional Learning ESSA
Though the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) was passed two years ago, daily headlines about the law continue to pop up in our news feeds as the Department of Education reviews state implementation plans. With the law’s implications for professional learning, it’s intriguing to see how states and districts are structuring PD programs to meet ESSA requirements.
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Bring Clarity to Section 504
Since the great majority of states do not provide Section 504 regulations, and the federal law itself does not establish clear process rules, educators today are left grappling with the practical implementation of this near 50-year-old law without clarity.
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