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School Administration Software for Curriculum & Instruction

At Frontline Education, we know the challenges that K-12 Curriculum Directors face in your district. Like navigating the demands of standardized testing, incorporating emerging educational technologies, and managing diverse stakeholder opinions, all while upholding curriculum quality and relevance. 

Don’t let anything stand in the way of teacher and student learning.

Over 80,000 schools trust Frontline Education to help them be more efficient and effective, and to support teaching and learning at every level.

Help Teachers Grow

Offer personalized professional learning to every teacher and staff member with individualized personal development plans.


Get Insights from Your Student Data

Combine attendance, behavior, and grade data for progress monitoring, identifying at-risk students, addressing learning gaps, and closing equity and achievement gaps.

Make a Difference for Every Student

Support special student groups like English learners, special education students, those who will benefit from interventions and 504 Plans, and gifted students.

Support great teaching for student success.

Being pulled in a million different directions doesn’t help students — and keeps you from guiding teachers. You should be free to spend the best hours of your day in classrooms experiencing the evolving needs of your teachers and students first-hand so you can do what you do best – building a curriculum that sets them up to thrive. 

Our Commitment to Client Success

“It has been a great asset to our division, allowing us to give our teachers great information about the professional learning opportunities that they have, allowing them to track and account for their own professional learning and talk to their evaluators, their principals, about the growth that they’re experiencing.” 

– Dr. Steve Castle
Director of Professional Learning and Leadership Development

Our product suite is built from 25 years of insights gleaned from thousands of schools just like yours.


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