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Time & Attendance

Quiz: Is Your District’s Time and Attendance System Up to Par?

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Is your school district’s time and attendance management as efficient as it could be? Take our quick quiz to evaluate your current processes and discover ways to enhance efficiency, reduce errors, and maintain compliance. Whether you’re using paper timesheets or advanced automated software, this quiz will help you identify areas for improvement in less than one minute

District Success Stories 

Interested to see how other school districts save time running payroll and ensure time worked and leave balances are 100% correct? Check out these success stories below: 

#1 Winneconne School District: Cutting a Full Day (or More) Off of Running Payroll

“If [staff] come in early, they add the time to the front of their day and Frontline figures it out. If they leave late, they add the time to the end of their day and Frontline automatically figures it out. There’s no guessing.” 

#2 Clear Creek Amana: A Growing District Finds a Better Way to Track TIme

“I love that it puts their absence hours onto their time sheets. I don’t have to keep track of that separately and make sure that they’re getting paid for that time that they should be paid, for those paid absences.” 

#3 Chardon Local School District: Greater Accuracy and Accountability with Employee Time Tracking

We do not hand enter time anymore, most of it, and that alleviates a lot of errors. It also helps process our payroll much quicker, so we love Frontline Time and Attendance.” 

Ready to track hours and attendance in real time? Learn more here 

Erin Shelton

Erin is a writer and member of the award-winning content team at Frontline Education. With experience in education, she is passionate about creating content that helps to support and impact the growth of both students and teachers.