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Know the Right People Are in the Right Place at the Right Time

Take the stress out of managing employee attendance and finding qualified substitutes.  Frontline’s Absence & Time software takes the guesswork and the paperwork out of the staff time management process. You’ll have the full visibility you need to track and manage absences, timesheets, and compliance; all while ensuring your student learning stays uninterrupted.

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Stay on top of staff absences, substitutes, and time and attendance with Frontline’s Absence & Time.

Manage employee absences and attendance all in one place, find substitutes when needed, and rest easy knowing that the right educators and staff are in place (and that you’re in compliance).

Easily manage employee leave and automatically schedule qualified substitutes, plus offer online training to prepare your substitutes for the classroom.

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Know when and where your employees are working, reduce labor costs and ensure compliance. 

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Get the Absence & Time Mobile App

Administrators, Employees and Substitutes can manage absence and time on the go.

Human Capital Analytics for Absence Management

Access unique data and insights about attendance and see absence trends over time to anticipate your need for substitutes.

WAGESTREAM: An Easy-to-Use Incentive for Substitutes to Accept Jobs

Frontline Education has partnered with Wagestream to enable K-12 school districts to attract, engage and retain top talent by offering financial wellbeing benefits and flexible pay to earned wages.  See how Wagestream, offered through Frontline Absence Management, can help you provide a valuable benefit to substitute teachers.

With You at Every Step —
Today and Tomorrow

When manual tasks like calling substitutes, managing timesheets, compliance reporting, and data entry consume your already-busy team’s time, it slows down the proactive, strategic work that supports educators. Ready for a change? 

Picture the possibilities with extra time and access to comprehensive district data, including benchmarks against state and national trends. That’s what Frontline Absence & Time gives you. 

More than 80,000 schools trust Frontline solutions to improve their school administrative processes. That way, you can focus on strategy and on your people: the students, the teachers and the myriad of other employees in your organization.

Are you interested in learning more? We can help! Our team can walk you through how Frontline can meet your unique needs.
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