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The Frontline Education mobile app is a quick and easy way to access your Absence & Time solution whenever and wherever it is convenient for you.


National Substitute Teacher Shortage

Managing employee absences and ensuring a qualified sub for every classroom has never been easier! With Frontline’s mobile app, employees can request an absence, administrations can easily review and approve, and your subs can get a notification right to their mobile device, allowing them to quickly view and accept jobs!

But there is so much more you and your employees and subs can do with the Frontline mobile app.




Admin Mobile Dashboard

For Administrators

As an administrator, you have plenty on your plate. Managing employee absences is an important part of your role, but you don’t have the time to monitor your inbox for new requests and then immediately search for substitutes to fill those vacancies.

The Frontline mobile app gives you the visibility and control you need without being tied to your desktop. With helpful push notifications, you can be notified when you receive a new request, making it easier and more efficient to kick off the process for finding a substitute to fill that absence.

With the mobile app, you can*:

  • Easily view and approve (or deny) absences from your phone
  • View the Daily Report of filled/unfilled absences
  • Get the details on who is absent and why
  • See a quick view of 3-day trends
  • Access daily filled and unfilled absence counts using Siri® (iOS only)
  • Compare your district’s performance on select absence and substitute metrics to national, state, and district size benchmarks

*Spanish support available through the app

And Employees


For employees, the mobile app offers convenience. They can*:

  • Check their own leave balances and see upcoming scheduled absences
  • Create an absence request
  • Clock in and out based on administrator-approved parameters (must have Absence & Substitute Management + Time & Attendance)
  • View, edit and submit timesheets (must have Absence & Substitute Management + Time & Attendance)
  • Receive alerts
  • Look up colleagues in an employee directory (if the district also has Frontline Central)

*Spanish support available through the app

Teacher Mobile Dashboard

For Substitutes

Data from the Frontline Research & Learning Institute suggests a positive relationship between substitute mobile adoption and fill rate.

The reason? It’s likely how easy it is for substitutes to accept jobs on the app.

Substitutes can:

  • Get a notification of available jobs right to their mobile device
  • Accept available jobs and view job details within the app
  • Search and view all available jobs



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Siri® is a registered trademark of Apple Inc. and is not affiliated with Frontline Education.