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There’s a better way to manage employee paperwork and manual processes.

Tame the Paperwork with Frontline Central

Bringing in the best educators is a win-win for everyone – until the demands of collecting, storing and maintaining employee records overshadow the valuable people-focused work so critical to student growth. And in today’s fast-paced (and compliance-driven) district, it’s critical to have accurate employee information.

Spend less time on paperwork and more time on your people with Frontline Central, an electronic employee records system that securely and efficiently manages employee information online and streamlines time-consuming manual processes.

How can Frontline Central help your school district?

  • Maximize new hire efficiency with streamlined, digital onboarding
  • Provide permissions-based visibility to employee records
  • Ensure forms are completed and approved on time, by the right people
  • Efficiently manage annual contract renewals online

“Using Frontline Central has had a huge impact on our district. We have seen massive improvement versus last year, when we were still using paper for our employee contract process.”
Doug Cromwell, Director of Personnel, Operations & Planning at Oxford SD

Frontline brings it all together


Digital Record-Keeping

Turn to secure, online storage for maintaining up-to-date personnel files and other employee-related records.


Annual Contract Renewals

Easily produce, issue and track the completion of employee-specific annual contracts online.



From onboarding and contract renewals to policy distribution and acknowledgement, automate complex processes along with notifications to keep things moving.


Online Onboarding

Automatically import new hire data from Frontline Recruiting & Hiring and complete the entire employee onboarding process online.


Efficiently maintain employee information and compliance with a digital employee record.

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Promote visibility and communication with employees with permission-based access to employee files.

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Save time with automated tools for onboarding, contract renewals, document management and more.

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