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Human Capital Analytics


Make more informed human capital decisions with data.

Recruiting & Hiring

Analyze your district’s personnel data

Explore your Frontline Central data to gain insights about your faculty, staff, and their assignments.

  • Review employee assignments, experience, benefits, and compensation to make data driven improvement plans to enhance employee satisfaction and retention.
  • Enable effective workforce planning by uncovering over – or understaffing based on employee experience, certifications, and expertise.
  • Analyze how your personnel has changed over time by reviewing your current, and past, employee bases and their assignments.

Understand your district’s staff absences.

Access unique insights from your data in Frontline’s Absence Management.

  • See absence trends over time to anticipate your need for substitutes.
  • Analyze fill rate metrics to understand the depth of your substitute pool and where more coverage is needed.
  • Inform policy and personnel decisions by identifying how absence lead time affects your substitute fill rate.

New Data & Analytics for Absences

A new Absence Prediction Guided Analysis that:

  • Projects predicted daily sub-required absence totals for the entire 23-24 school year.
  • Allows for the assessment of future high- and low- volume absence days to allow for effective resource management and planning.
Absence & Time

Recruiting & Hiring

Assess your recruiting and hiring landscape.

Get an advantage with Frontline Recruiting & Hiring data around open positions, applications received, and recruitment efforts and results.

  • Analyze open positions to identify patterns or areas of need.
  • Explore trends in the applicants your district attracts, and how they align with your DEI&B initiatives.
  • Anticipate teacher and support staff shortages and communicate your district’s staffing story to key stakeholders.

Get quick, detailed analyses of professional development activity.

Use Frontline Professional Growth data to inform and refine your professional development program.

  • Monitor compliance with professional development requirements and drill into district offerings and teacher participation details.
  • Understand how your faculty and staff spend their professional development time and easily report findings to key stakeholders.
  • Ensure professional development resources are aligned to district goals and impact student outcomes.
Professional Growth

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