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Absence and Substitute Management Software

Absence & Substitute Management, a part of Frontline Absence & Time

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Quickly Find the Most Qualified Substitutes

When teachers are out, learning can suffer. Use skill settings, preference lists, and exclusion lists to find the substitute who is the most qualified to cover each absence.

Easily Manage Substitute Scheduling

Manage substitute hours to maintain compliance with labor laws and stay on top of what your district is spending on employee absences.

Engage Substitutes and Provide Knowledge

Attach useful documents like lesson plans to each absence and offer online training to help your substitutes grow as effective educators.

Proactively Improve Employee Attendance

Access key absence data and rest easy knowing you are properly staffed to ensure uninterrupted student learning.


“The teachers would get on the app, enter their day of their absence, and it would immediately start calling subs and I would just get a notification. ‘This person has filled this position, this vacancy.’ So it really, it just alleviated a lot of stress.

– Jennifer Prejean
Human Resources Facilitator, Iberia Parish School District

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