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Get the most out of your Frontline solutions

Frontline’s Learning & Consulting Services help you achieve maximum impact with your solutions!

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“The facilitator was able to engage everyone using a hands-on, methodical approach. This experience was well worth the time and money for the information and comfort level we gained!”

— Mary Jane Kanga, Oak Grove School District, CA

Get More From Your Solutions


Identify the current state of your implementation and needs to be addressed.


Build a plan for improving efficiency and effectiveness.


Train users and implement toward your plan.


Evaluate impact and identify next steps.

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Providing our clients with an array of consistent services with flexible options to increase solution adoption and utilize Frontline solutions to their fullest potential.

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It’s frustrating to feel like your systems aren’t efficient and effective.

You should be getting the most out of the money you’ve spent.

When you aren’t fully utilizing your solutions you’re:

  • Wasting time
  • Wasting energy
  • Wasting money

Get the most out of your Frontline solutions.

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Solution Certification

Deepen the impact of your Solutions

Our Certification program ensures your team has the expertise necessary to fully leverage the benefits of your Frontline Education solutions. This service is offered regionally and in-person in a group-based setting, or virtually — either in a group-based setting or for an individual district.

  • Improve utilization of the functionality and benefits of your Frontline Education solutions
  • Achieve better capacity to provide internal support for end users
  • Increase product adoption across your organization
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"The instructor was excellent. The pacing was very good. She covered a lot of material, yet still allowed us time to interact with each other and exchange ideas and best practices."

- Jeane Stein, Katonah-Lewisboro School District, NY

Solution Maximization

A deep dive into your system

With our Maximization service, together we will dig into the setup and workflows in your Frontline solution to uncover opportunities to save time and expand the value the system can bring to your district.

  • Implement immediate enhancements to your Frontline system configuration for optimal usage
  • Enhance processes to support new or evolving goals and requirements
  • Reduce redundancies and increase efficiency in daily workflow
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"The experience was very individualized to our needs which was necessary and very much appreciated. The Frontline specialists were attentive and very helpful, making recommendations and sharing best practices. This was long overdue and will lead to better use of the system."

- Cori TenHarmsel, National Heritage Academies, MI

Value Realization Assessment

Get more from your investment

With our Value Realization Assessment, we’ll review your current implementation to uncover opportunities to expand the value your Frontline solutions can bring to your district.

  • Receive personalized assessment of solution utilization
  • Identify areas for reconfiguration to maximize effectiveness
  • Receive insight into features not currently being used and related potential benefits
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"I found the training very helpful. I am excited to start utilizing my new knowledge of the system."

- Jenny Swango, Buena Vista School District R-31, CO

Consulting Session

Personalized consulting – online or onsite

With our Consulting Session services, we take a personalized approach to facilitating the training or other support your district needs to best leverage your Frontline solutions. The session may include any number of services, depending on the collaborative scoping of the session, such as:

  • Focused learning of product specific features
  • Workflow review and configuration
  • Process alignment
  • Form configuration
  • Roll-out planning and support
  • Post-implementation planning
  • Training of internal trainers
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"Nye County School District would like to give a great big thank you to our trainer and Frontline Support for the great training and support we have received as we continue to cultivate our Frontline capabilities! You are all Rock Stars!!"

- Chelle Wright, Nye County School District, NV

Strategic Success Planning

Plan your work. Then work your plan.

With Strategic Success Planning, we bring key stakeholders together to generate alignment and build strategic plans to ensure implementation success and maximum impact of the initiative.

  • Alignment within the Leadership Team, related to:
    • Organization culture
    • Vision for success
    • Desired future state
  • Overall SMART Goals and associated Success Plan
  • High-level strategy to support:
    • Cross-functional collaboration
    • Communication
    • Change facilitation & management
  • SCOT Analysis to identify success elements and mitigate risk
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Virtual Tune-up

Flexible, personalized support – virtually

With our Virtual Tune-up, we take a personalized approach to uncovering opportunities to save time and expand the value your Frontline system can bring to your district. The service is customized and potential outcomes may include:

  • Refined system configuration
  • More efficient use of the Frontline solution to meet organizational needs and goals
  • Expanded and improved use of system functionality
  • Simplified, cleaner data
  • Understanding of and ability to apply best practice recommendations
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We offer a range of options — from learning resources embedded in our in-product Learning Centers to custom, multi-year professional learning and implementation plans — to ensure you and your staff are successful in using Frontline solutions.

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Did you know our in-product Learning Centers contain tons of free resources to support you – articles, videos, live webinars, release notes, and more? Check it out by clicking on the ? in the upper right corner when logged in to the product.

Supporting you is what ignites us.

It’s frustrating to feel like you’re not getting the full value from your solutions. Our Services team has helped thousands of districts do more with their Frontline solutions.

All Frontline Learning & Consulting Services are based on six Big Ideas to provide the most effective learning and consulting experiences for maximum impact. These Big Ideas were identified through a careful synthesis of standards and best practices from thought leader organizations in the realms of K-12 professional learning, adult training, and consulting.

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  • Results Driven: your goals are the starting point for designing a services plan to meet your needs
  • Micro Learning: your learners focus on specific learning outcomes to ensure an accessible and feasible approach
  • Personalized: your learners have voice and choice in how they learn to ensure relevance and ownership
  • Competency-based: in addition to knowledge acquisition, your learners have opportunities to demonstrate competency
  • Job-embedded & Just-in-Time: learning opportunities are available as needed in the context of your users’ roles
  • Growth Mindset: your learners have opportunities for ongoing learning and continuous improvement

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