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Data-based Decision-support Software for Schools

State-of-the-art analytics solutions help district leaders tap into their data to make more informed decisions for the benefit of staff, students, and communities.

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Frontline Analytics Suite

Harness the power of your data to make more informed decisions.

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Share Insights

Ensure your administrative team has the critical decision-making information it needs.

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Get More Strategic

Use your data to make strategic decisions now to positively impact your district’s future.

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Educate Your Audience

Easily generate clear visuals to tell your district’s story in a way everyone can understand.

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Save Time

Never build another spreadsheet. Quickly and efficiently get an overview of your data using customizable dashboards and reports.

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Don’t miss out on the critical decision-making insights in the data you’re already collecting.

There are strategic, actionable insights waiting for you in your data. Let Frontline Analytics help you access them quickly and easily.

Resources for Analytics in Schools

  • [Podcast] Analytics in Collective Bargaining

    Analytics in Collective Bargaining

    How to provide a clear financial picture to help inform union negotiations.

  • [Video] School Boards and Data

    School Boards and Data

    The Executive Director of the Iowa Association for School Boards talks about how actionable data changed what school boards were able to accomplish.

  • [Video] Understanding COVID-19 Financial Impacts

    Understanding COVID-19 Financial Impacts

    How the CFO at one district developed financial projections that enabled them to reduce a $21M adopted budget deficit to $11-12M using insights from their data.

  • [Case Study] Educate and Empower Board Members

    Educate and Empower Board Members

    How the Assistant Superintendent for Financial Services prepares to share financial information with new board members.