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School Administration Software for Human Resources

At Frontline, we know the challenges that Human Resources personnel face in your district. Staff turnover, complex employment laws, reconciling budget constraints with staffing needs, recruiting new talent, and balancing diverse stakeholder expectations, plus the increased pressures from parents, weigh heavily on your team’s day to day.

Let’s turn proactive HR into a reality.

Time-consuming manual processes might have been “good enough” in years past. But the demands placed on districts today require a new level of innovation in the central office. It’s time to shift from transactional HR to truly strategic human capital management.

Human-Centered Technology

It’s time to shift from transactional HR to truly strategic human capital management. Are you ready to take a proactive role in building a stronger school system?

A Trusted Partner

Over 10,000 clients trust Frontline Education to help them manage human resources more strategically, and we’ve been dedicated to partnering with K-12 leaders since 1998.

Focus on people, not the paperwork.

While balancing the intricacies of legal compliance, staff morale, and district objectives, then serving as a pivotal bridge between employees and administrative leadership, HR’s role is one of the most important in the district’s workforce. 

But outdated processes in your district mean wasted time, money, and missed opportunities. Losing top candidates to districts with more modern hiring practices, employee frustrations, compliance challenges, and uninformed staffing decisions further compound the issue.

Our Commitment to Client Success

“The promise of having everything in one system is really what drew us to Frontline, and understanding that Frontline works with schools and understands how schools work. That really was the selling point.”

– Jill Britt, Director of Human Resources
Franklin Township Community Schools

Our product suite is built from 25 years of insights gleaned from thousands of schools just like yours.


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