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Better Care, Delivered More Efficiently

An award-winning K-12 electronic health records system purpose-built to serve school health professionals.   

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A K-12 electronic health records system made by school nurses, for school nurses.

Schedule, document, and report information about every student encounter, keep billing headache-free with easy data entry, create care plans, and communicate with parents securely.  

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By leveraging meaningful reporting data, schools can support their mental health provider’s workflows, identify student patterns earlier, and track concerning behavior like bullying, suicide ideation, or peer conflict, to provide students with early intervention support.   

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Spend Less Time on Paperwork

Automate tedious administrative tasks so your time is free for student care.

Enhance Your Medicaid Billing for Health Services

Unlock an integrated single point of data entry for compliant encounter and Medicaid billing documentation.

Get Real-time Reporting

Ensure compliance with state and federal standards through easy but comprehensive reporting.

Stress Less Over Scheduling

Create conflict-free schedules to make sure students miss as little instructional time as possible.

Simplify Immunization Tracking

With the Immunization Registry Connection*, you’ll have near-instantaneous immunization tracking at your fingertips.  Automatically import vaccination data from your state registry, easily pull reports, and notify parents about vaccination delinquency. 

*Not available in all states


Proactively Address Communicable Disease Spread

Easily gather and track health data for communicable diseases to proactively address outbreaks of mononucleosis, strep, flu, and more. Implement safety measures to minimize risk and provide tracking, reporting, and supervision.

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“It was a wonderful investment. We felt like this one served our needs better than any of the other programs we looked at.”

– Sadie Kirell
Director of Nursing

15 Years of Supporting School Nurses

Our team of experts has over 100 years of combined experience in school health, and we utilized input from experienced school nurses to create software that supports school health professionals.

Award-winning Technology

For three years running, Frontline School Health Management was recognized for its commitment to keeping students and staff safe by providing robust health management tools. Judges were particularly impressed by Frontline’s continuous evolution to address the dynamic needs of health services in schools.

Collaborative Client Experience

Get an unparalleled client experience with a dedicated advisory team, timely webinars, user groups, and more.

Excellent care shouldn’t be compromised because of inefficient systems.

Healthy and Primed for Academic Success

With the right technology, you can do even more to keep students healthy and primed for academic success. Using School Health Management’s advanced system and user-friendly interface, you’ll spend less time on paperwork and scheduling, improve your Medicaid billing process, and simplify compliance and reporting.  Excellent care shouldn’t be compromised because of inefficient systems, and with Frontline School Health Management, it won’t be.  

Student Health Isn’t One-size-fits-all 

The administrators, teachers, and staff in your school all share a passion for student success. But your routines are unique, and you need software tailored to different workflows. That’s where Frontline School Health Management comes in. We specialize in K-12 solutions that put the information you need at your fingertips, and allow you to manage physical, mental and behavioral needs in one software system, to better serve the whole child. 

Trusted by over 80,000 schools, Frontline solutions support the complex and essential work of education. And with the right software, you can do more to keep students healthy and academically successful. 

Are you interested in learning more? We can help! Our team can walk you through how Frontline can meet your unique needs.
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There’s a better way.

With the right technology, you can do even more to keep students healthy and primed for academic success, and easily manage compliance and paperwork along the way.