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Mental & Behavioral Health Management

Built to support school health providers as they confront one of the toughest challenges in K-12 today: student mental health.

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Simplify Documentation

Quickly document group therapy and counseling sessions with efficient data entry tools.

Identify Patterns

Easily access historical documentation to identify behavioral patterns in individual students earlier.

Determine Trends

Use reporting to identify trends in critical areas, including depression, bullying, suicide ideation, anger management, peer conflict, and more.

Collaborate with Staff and Parents

Securely collect and share information related to students’ mental and behavioral health needs.

Maintain FERPA Compliance

Share only the data that’s necessary with permissions-based access.

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Mental & Behavioral Health FAQs

What is Frontline’s Mental & Behavioral Health software?

What are some of the benefits of using Mental & Behavioral Health Management?

What type of integrations do you support?

How configurable is the system?

How quickly can we implement?

How is training provided?

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