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See how your district compares to others.

Comparative Analytics

To make the right decisions for your schools, you need a clear-cut understanding of your district’s position at any given moment. And you need to communicate your district’s story clearly and accurately to get the support you need to make positive change happen. That requires proper context and data.

Comparative Analytics, powered by Forecast5, leverages state-level data to compare your district’s performance to its contemporaries, allowing you to accurately communicate your district’s story with your team and the community.

  1. Analyze financial trends, per-student spending, and resource allocations.

    See how differences in resources between your district and peer districts translate into different levels of per-student spending, and how these measures change over time. Understand which areas of your budget have grown the most, and whether this growth is in alignment with your district’s goals.

  2. Evaluate staffing ratios and compensation trends against your peers.

    Prepare for negotiations and examine how teacher salaries have changed over time for your district compared to others. Analyze the allocation of your budget to personnel costs, as well as the allocation of personnel spending between classroom, administration, and support staff.

  3. Compare student performance across your peer group of districts.

    Analyze student performance at the test, grade, and subgroup levels, identifying areas of success and areas for improvement. See how student performance is changing over time, not just the most recently released assessment results. Identify districts demographically similar to yours whose students are performing better and compare their resource allocations to your district’s.

Data-driven decision making is an integral part of school business management. Comparative Analytics is an excellent tool to facilitate this process. Our board loves the graphics/charts that can be built. I believe seeing something visually can sometimes make more of an impact than just figures. In addition, the staff at Frontline provide superior support and go above and beyond to assist you.

Jack Hurst

Business Administrator, Mahanoy Area School District, Pennsylvania

Comparative Analytics at Aldine ISD

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