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Location Analytics

Add geographical dimension to your student and community data for critical location-based insights.

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Make More Informed Decisions for Your District

Plan More Efficiently

Evaluate boundaries and attendance zones to effectively determine optimal resource placement, and assess reconfiguration options as they pertain to new buildings or consolidations. Prepare for referendums, tax levy elections, tax elections, bond elections, and other voter approved decisions.

Respond More Effectively

Understand internet access at the student level using FCC data so you can close the “digital divide.” Assess open enrollment and choice trends, so that you can better predict funding. And more effectively respond to demographic shifts in students.

Communicate More Clearly & Transparently

Outline program offerings by building, enhance school board presentations, and support public forums and staff meetings with district personnel. Also, communicate choice options and school assignments to parents.

“One of the amazing things here in Location Analytics is as I’m drawing new boundaries, that stats panel on the left-hand side is updating basically in real time. There’s no more, ‘Let’s tweak a line, run a report, compare it to a prior report’ — you have it all at your fingertips as you’re doing this work.”

— Drew Schenk
Interim Director of Operations, School District of Lancaster
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