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Improve student outcomes by optimizing the employee journey for teachers and staff with Frontline HCM.

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Frontline Analytics Suite
"Connected systems help us have a broader view of who we are as a school district. Now, we have that data available and that data is connected. It provides a much richer conversation and ultimately leads to better instruction and better learning experiences for our kids."

Bob Kreifels, Chief Human Resources Officer, Blue Valley Public Schools (retired)


Attract, engage, grow, and retain great people.

Support Your People

Support Your People

Empower teachers so they can give their best to your students.

Save Time

Save Time

Minimize time spent on administrative tasks, and increase confidence in compliance.

Get More Strategic

Get More Strategic

Make data-driven decisions around teacher absences, recruiting, hiring, position management, and professional learning.

Effectively Manage Risk

Effectively Manage Risk

Avoid audits, control costs, and stay compliant with state requirements and labor and data privacy laws.

Your onboarding process should make a great first impression.

Proactively engage with job-seekers and hire the best candidates.

Supercharge your teachers’ professional growth.

Know the right people are in the right place at the right time.

Make more informed human capital decisions with data.

Fuel your HR team’s passion for people (not paperwork).

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Don’t let disconnected processes sabotage your mission.

Highly manual processes and lack of transparency adds stress, reduces your impact, and makes it difficult to support teachers and staff.

  • When teachers leave, schools pay a big price
  • With high turnover, students experience a greater risk of academic regression
  • You may lose high-performing talent to other organizations with more efficient processes
  • You can’t use data for decision support when it’s clunky and disorganized

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Put people first.

Teachers impact student achievement more than almost anything else. A connected HCM system helps you get through administrative tasks, and focus more on supporting teachers, staff, and students.

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Resources for Human Capital Management in Schools

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  • [Podcast] Field Trip: Making School Happen

    Field Trip: Making School Happen

    Operating a school district requires ensuring the right people have the right information, so they can work efficiently and make the best decisions.

  • [Infographic] Great Teachers Matter! Here’s How to Keep Them.

    Great Teachers Matter! Here’s How to Keep Them.

    Attracting and retaining the best teachers is something that schools are taking seriously.