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HCM Software for Schools

Increase student success by simplifying the teacher and staff experience with our software solutions. 

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Meet the Human Capital Management
Suite of Solutions

Create an environment where students can thrive, and teachers and staff can feel empowered. Frontline’s Human Capital Management Software suite was designed with educators in mind and has everything your K -12 district needs to keep your people connected, compliant, and growing. You’ll save time spent on administrative tasks with easy-to-use technology solutions, make data-driven decisions through every process, and above all else, let teachers give their best to your students.

Frontline Central

This is your main hub for getting a connected view of what is happening with your employees. You can stay on top of tasks from across the HCM suite, automate HR workflows, and get users up and running quickly all from one centralized homepage. 

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Frontline Human Capital Analytics

Access unique insights and data trends across the Frontline Human Capital Management Suite. Here you’ll be able to anticipate the need for substitutes or staffing shortages based on absence trends, refine your professional development programs, monitor compliance, and ensure efforts align with district goals.

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Frontline HRMS

Fuel your HR team’s passion for people (not paperwork). Save time managing HR admin tasks, leverage real-time data for workforce planning and position management; navigate the complex nuances of K-12 compensation, benefits administration, effective dating, and contract renewals; and ensure budget approval before kicking off recruiting efforts.

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Frontline Recruiting & Hiring

Come here to hire the best educators. You’ll be able to recruit and identify candidates with the most potential, hire more quickly, transition seamlessly from hiring to onboarding and more. 

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Frontline Professional Growth

Engage and retain your talent. With Frontline Professional Growth, you’ll support educators with personalized learning and collaboration, create dynamic induction programs, mentorships, and career paths, and conduct growth-focused evaluations using custom forms for different staff. 

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Frontline Absence & Time

Get a complete overview of employee attendance. With Frontline Absence & Time, you can ensure student learning continues by automatically securing substitutes for teacher absences, allow teachers to request absences and substitutes to accept jobs in a mobile app,streamline payroll using electronic timesheets, ensure compliance with labor laws like FLSA, FMLA, and more. 

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Frontline Education Wins Prestigious CODiE Award for Best Emerging Technology for Administrators
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Support Your People

Empower teachers so they can give their best to your students.

Save Time

Minimize time spent on administrative tasks, and increase confidence in compliance.

Get More Strategic

Make data-driven decisions around teacher absences, recruiting, hiring, position management, and professional learning.

Effectively Manage Risk

Avoid audits, control costs, and stay compliant with state requirements and labor and data privacy laws.

A Connected Suite of Solutions

All of our software is built with one goal: we make it easier for school administrators and staff to do their jobs. Each individual program in the Human Capital Management Suite is part of a unified ecosystem that works together, and allows you to connect and share information between them. Sharing data between systems is vital for saving time, reducing errors, increasing visibility, and working across departments. With a connected suite, you will easily manage, update, and grow employee profiles, simplify administrative tasks, and stay on top of action items and key metrics, all in one place.

Streamlined Our Process

“It has streamlined our process and minimizes the risk of losing documents. You can allow different administrators, principals, and employees to see different parts of each program and what is specific to their role in the district. It has probably been one of the best systems we’ve had, and I don’t plan on ever changing, I can tell you that, as long as I am here.”

Suzie Gerhardt

Human Resources Director, Circleville City School District

“All the systems talk to each other. They’re streamlined, they work well with each other. The support from you guys has been great. And implementation has been rather seamless. The system works. It works.” 

— Dr. David Mack
Chief Administrator of Business Services, Fairfax School District


What is connected human capital management?

Why should schools keep all of their human capital management data
and processes in one system?

If we already have HR software, why do we need an HCM system?

How can districts choose the best human capital management system?

How much do HCM systems cost?

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