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The Frontline Difference:

Since our launch in 1998, Frontline has focused on bringing solutions to the front line of education. Today, we’re continuing that tradition of outstanding client service and client-focused product design by bringing best-in-class systems and information together into a holistic solution for K-12 human capital management: the Frontline Insights Platform.

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Our Focus on K-12

We’re here to support education leaders, from the classroom to the central office, as they work to prepare the next generation of learners. And from our own team’s experiences working in education as teachers, K-12 human resources professionals, curriculum/instruction leaders and more, we know that school districts have unique needs that generic enterprise software just can’t meet.

With educators at the helm, we build our products for the unique needs of K-12 on a foundation of best practices — to help our clients attract and retain the best staff, increase collaboration, support employee growth and gain unprecedented insight into what’s happening in the district. And from our work with over 12,000 educational organizations, we’ve also gained an unparalleled depth of experience about effective implementation of solutions for education.

Solutions for the front line of education:

Frontline Central

Manage people without the paperwork.

Frontline Recruiting & Hiring

Quickly and easily bring the best talent into your district.

Frontline Absence & Time

Manage attendance and gain visibility into who’s in, who’s out and who’s covering each absence.

Frontline Professional Growth

Support the complete cycle of educator growth.

Frontline Special Ed & Interventions

Streamline administration to support improved outcomes for all students.


Success Stories from Our Clients


Frontline Mission

Our Vision, Mission & Core Values:


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Our Vision:

Partnering with the education community to prepare students with the skills for tomorrow and a lifetime of learning.

Our Mission:

Serving the education community with integrated tools, best practices and caring people to support their pursuit of excellence.



Our Core Values:

Be trustworthy.
Practice personal and corporate humility.
Promote servant leadership.
Balance family and work.
Invest in our people through mentoring and professional development.
Value team input.
Build relationships through open communication.
Provide outstanding customer service.
Deal respectfully with those outside the company.
Hire outstanding individuals.
Measure success by impact, not profit.

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Our Commitment to Integration

In order to move your strategies forward, you need technology systems that actually work together. The Frontline Insights Platform is bringing the best software systems together into one platform so that you can make those connections across various areas of your school.

We also realize that you need your systems to work together — even when they’re made by different partners. So we’re committed to working together with other vendors to provide you with the connected systems and data you deserve.

Check out our Partners 

Bridge the gap

Frontline Research & Learning Institute

The Frontline Research and Learning Institute is a learning organization with one mission: to provide data-driven research, resources and observations to support and advance the educational community.

With access to data from thousands of K-12 organizations and millions of users, Frontline is able to glean one-of-a-kind insights and deliver validated research reports and in-product benchmarks to put key data right into your hands.

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Our Commitment to Client Success

Rather than telling you we have great service (doesn’t everyone say that?), we thought we’d share a few quotes from our clients:


“They’re truly caring people and they love their jobs and they love helping their customers.”

– Tami Johnson, Central Dauphin School District, Harrisburg, PA

“I have never met a company that is so gracious, so open, so courteous. I don’t know what their customer service training is like… but I want them to bottle it and give it to me so I can sprinkle it around here.”

– Patti Polensky, Odyssey Academy, Galveston, TX

“I can’t thank you enough. I know you guys probably get tired of hearing it, but I’ve worked with tons of companies with products and tech support and you guys have got them all beaten, hands down.”

– Raenita Unruh, Burrton Public Schools, Burrton, KS


We hope these quotes reflect every interaction with us. A passion for client success has been at the core of Frontline since we began, and has remained crucial to our mission as we’ve grown.

The Line

We believe that in order to better public education, leaders must confront and engage in thoughtful debate around controversial issues in education. That’s why we launched The Line, a print publication, along with, a digital version of the publication that includes opportunities for online discussion.

Intrigued? Visit the website now. 

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