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Provide personalized professional learning for teachers — and all employees — to improve practice and enhance student outcomes.

Provide personalized professional learning for teachers and all employees to improve practice and enhance student outcomes
  1. Offer a catalog of goal-aligned learning opportunities

    Provide relevant learning experiences for all teachers and employees with online/virtual courses, in-district workshops, out-of-district events, conferences and more.

  2. Track progress toward state and district requirements

    Use Professional Learning Management to track hours and credits for annual requirements or relicensure.

  3. Use evaluation results to drive learning, and track its impact on the classroom

    Identify areas where teachers need additional support to provide relevant learning opportunities, and use impact forms to assess classroom outcomes.

  4. Engage your employees in the learning process

    Enable employees to take an active role in their professional growth by setting up individual professional development plans and making activity proposals.

What Frontline has helped us do with our teachers is really enhance professional learning. It’s really the catalyst for how teachers are going to grow, which is going to help our students grow.

Heather Platt Photo

Heather Platt

Coordinator of Professional Development, Martin County School District

Professional Learning Management Overview

We had our full rollout for every single summer PD, and we offered over 130 classes. I had zero issues with enrollment, with taking attendance, with switching out people, with adding people… It’s becoming a normal process for everybody to schedule, complete, do, and evaluate PD and then implement and follow up. When you can get that, then student learning becomes your priority, which is totally different than how we’ve done PD before, because we didn’t have the tools.

Joni Burkhart

Coordinator, Professional Development and Evaluation, Washington County, Maryland

Expertise in Education

Our solutions are designed to help districts meet the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) mandate to provide professional development that is sustained, intensive, job-embedded, collaborative, data-driven and classroom-focused.

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Frontline Professional Growth has been extremely helpful for us in terms of helping us identify where we have strengths, where our teachers perform very well, and how our teachers take advantage of professional learning opportunities. Then we can look back to see if there are areas that can be improved and start planning more focused professional development opportunities. That ensures that our teachers have what they need to do for our kids in the classroom every day.

Bob Kreifels

Executive Director for Human Resources and Academic Services, retired, Blue Valley, Kansas

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