Field Trip: How to Tell If Your Professional Development Is Working

Schools spend billions of dollars and countless hours each year on professional learning. The big question: how do you tell if that time and money has a demonstrable impact on teachers’ classroom practice?

Sheila B. Robinson, Ed.D., has spent decades in education, as a classroom teacher as well as working with adults in professional learning and program evaluation. Today, we ask Sheila about:

  • Frequent challenges in professional learning
  • How to collect and analyze data to understand if a professional learning program is meeting teachers’ needs and moving the needle on classroom practice
  • How to ask questions of teachers that yield actionable insight into your PD program
  • What to be careful of when analyzing the data


Take a Deeper Dive:

Want to take a deeper look at program evaluation? Be sure to download Sheila B. Robinson’s eBook, “Professional Development Program Evaluation for the Win: How to Sleep Well at Night Knowing Your Professional Learning is Effective.” It’s a detailed overview of program evaluation, including how to engage stakeholders, crafting quality evaluation questions, and collecting, analyzing and reporting on data around your professional learning program.