Designing High-Quality Professional Development Programs

A play-by-play of what high-quality professional learning looks like, and how to plan and implement it at your organization.

Do you believe that PD quality is subjective? Do you wish there were clear guidelines on what high-quality PD is, what it isn’t, and how to ensure that your PD program is top notch?

Designing High-Quality Professional Development Programs Playbook

This playbook details characteristics and logistics of highly effective PD programs, including:

  • 9 key qualities of high-quality professional development
  • How to craft a PD program that meets the needs of current and future educators
  • A downloadable, customizable checklist to use when creating your next PD activity
  • The nuts and bolts of PD programming, from audio and visual equipment to accommodations for ADA compliance

Effective Professional Learning Strategies (That Actually Work):

Best practices for a comprehensive, individualized professional development program, resources for getting started, and more.
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