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Manage people without the paperwork.

We’ve made it easy to get the employee data you need to make decisions.

One employee system of record

With student success at stake, the crucial work of supporting and managing your employees shouldn’t be about paperwork. Especially when that paperwork means struggling to keep records up-to-date, extra time navigating files, lack of communication with employees and the inability to make quick decisions with easily-accessible data.

That’s why our solution provides a single source of truth for all people information within the Frontline Education solutions. As a key part of the Frontline Insights Platform, Frontline Central adds value to the other Frontline solutions by integrating, simplifying and analyzing all data relevant to employment, all in one place.


A few of the problems solved:

  • Access real-time employee files for better decision-making

  • Provide employees with easy visibility to their own records

  • Ensure forms are completed and approved on time, by the right people

  • Efficiently manage annual contract renewals online

  • Easily track K-12 specific credentials with pre-loaded, state-specific options



Capture all employee information in a single source of truth for your Frontline solutions.


Promote visibility and communication with employees with permission-based access to employee files.


Pull reports across all your Frontline solutions into a single dashboard for intelligence at a glance.


Compare your data against regional and national benchmarks from the Frontline Research & Learning Institute to draw unparalleled insights.

Frontline brings it all together


Digital Record-Keeping

Turn to secure, online storage for maintaining up-to-date personnel files and other employee-related records.


Annual Contract Renewals

Easily produce, issue and track the completion of employee-specific annual contracts.


Credential Tracking

Maintain compliance by easily managing credentials, including state- and K12-specific certifications and licensures, in one place.



From onboarding and contract renewals to certification renewals, automate complex processes along with notifications to keep things moving.


Reporting & Dashboards

Get insights to make decisions with a robust reporting tool and dashboards spanning all your Frontline solutions.

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