Know the right people are in the right place at the right time.

Proactively manage employee absences, substitutes, and time and attendance — all in one software system with Frontline Absence & Time.

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Frontline Absence & Time - Know the right people are in the right place at the right time
"Our ultimate goal has been achieved. That was to streamline systems and get them talking together. Tying our Time & Attendance with Frontline Absence Management caused absence management to run much smoother. It really connects three triangles. We love it. We love the time that we're gaining. We look forward to continuing to look at other opportunities and processes within Frontline."

Rusty Stecker, Executive Director of Human Resources, Broken Arrow Public Schools


Get the full picture of employee attendance.

Manage absences and employee time

Manage absences and employee time

Get a handle on employee absences and attendance, all in one place.

Find the right substitutes

Find the right substitutes

Ensure student learning is uninterrupted by teacher absences.

Get the visibility you need into who is working at your school with Frontline Absence & Time

Get the visibility you need

Know who is working and when, and get unprecedented access to your district’s data.

Increase compliance and ensure accurate payroll

Increase compliance and ensure accurate payroll

Stay compliant with state and federal labor laws, ACA, FLSA, FMLA and collective bargaining agreements.

Easily manage employee leave and automatically schedule qualified substitutes.


Get the complete picture of employee time and attendance.

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Managing employee attendance shouldn’t be so stressful.

Stop spending your days calling substitutes and chasing down timesheets.

  • Last-minute unfilled absences leave everyone scrambling and take a toll on student learning
  • Every day, the “tyranny of the urgent” keeps you from focusing on people
  • Manually calculating payroll takes the place of big-picture thinking — and often results in mistakes
  • Excessive employee absences, payroll errors and overtime all cost money

There’s a better way.

Manage employee absences and attendance all in one place, find substitutes when needed, and rest easy knowing that the right educators and staff are in place (and that you’re in compliance).

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How Broken Arrow Public Schools runs payroll for 2,000+ employees.

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We help you do more with less.

When your already-busy team is stuck manually calling substitutes, shuffling timesheets, hand-keying data and running reports to make sure you’re on the government’s good side, it slows down more proactive and strategic work that ultimately supports educators.

Isn’t it time for a change? Imagine what you could do with more time — and with unprecedented access to your district’s data, including benchmarks that show your progress against state and national trends.

That’s what Frontline Absence & Time gives you. More than 80,000 schools trust Frontline solutions to improve their school administrative processes. That way, you can focus on strategy and on your people: the students, the teachers and the myriad of other employees in your organization.

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