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A lot rests on effectively managing employee absences and time. You have to ensure that qualified substitutes cover every absence, accurately compensate each employee for their time, stay compliant with labor laws and know where all of your employees are during a drill or emergency. That’s a tall order — especially if you have to keep logging into different systems to keep track of employees’ absences, time worked and holidays. But keeping track of all this doesn’t have to be a chore. With Frontline Absence & Time (formerly Aesop and VeriTime), you can effectively manage employee attendance, without taking up your own time.

 Save time reporting on absence trends
 Reduce paperwork and manual data entry
 Ensure there’s a qualified substitute when needed
 Stay compliant with labor laws


Frontline Absence & Time

Don’t let employee absences interrupt student learning.

Studies have shown that student learning suffers every time a teacher is absent. And by the time the average student graduates high school, they have spent the equivalent of one year with substitute teachers. That could mean a lot of lost instructional time.

Effectively managing employee absences and finding the right substitute to fill in can help support uninterrupted student learning.

  • Ensure that each classroom has the right substitute
  • Manage substitute schedules and stay compliant with the ACA
  • Gain real-time visibility and easily access data with easy-to-use dashboards
  • Reduce absenteeism and increase employee accountability


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Teacher attendance monitoring system Absence Management Dashboard

Get a complete picture of employee time and attendance.

Employee time is complicated. You have to manage different bargaining agreements, FLSA and ACA requirements labor costs, timesheet approvals and more — all while ensuring that employees are paid accurately. What if you didn’t have to worry about any of that?

Our solution handles all of these complexities for you by electronically capturing and managing employee time.

  • Get out of the weeds by saving time on timesheets and data entry
  • Improve employee accountability and keep labor costs under control
  • Know when and where your employees are working, and in which job
  • Ensure compliance with labor laws like the FLSA, FMLA and more


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Time & Attendance Teacher attendance monitoring system Dashboard

Substitute Training Library

Substitute teaching can be really tough, especially for those without much experience. But providing them with in-person training is expensive and takes up time that you just don’t have. With our online training videos, your substitutes and paraprofessionals can prepare for the classroom and become more effective — all on their own time.

And you can be sure that your substitutes are receiving high-quality training: a two-year review of 4,000 substitute teachers and paraprofessionals by New York City’s Department of Education showed a 99.95% effectiveness rate of our courses.

  • Prepare your substitutes to effectively manage classrooms and support student learning
  • Attract and retain more substitutes by providing up to 10 times more training than live workshops
  • Save time and money when onboarding new substitutes
  • Reduce substitute “incidents” and “do not use” requests


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Frontline Insights Platform

Frontline Absence & Time is just one part of the Frontline Insights Platform. The Insights Platform is a powerful combination of the Frontline Education solutions, ultimately connecting to Frontline Central, which will be the single source of employee information for the Frontline solutions. The first unified platform for K-12, the Insights Platform is bringing critical technologies together to provide on-demand, actionable insights to the front line of education.

We’re laying the groundwork for a completely connected set of solutions for K-12, and many of our solutions already include enhanced functionality like a single Frontline ID and a mobile app.

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Frontline Insights Platform

Frontline brings it all together



Employee Absence Management

Manage absence requests and employee leave, find substitutes and monitor the status of absences in real-time.


Qualified Substitutes

Ensure that student learning continues uninterrupted when teachers are out by finding qualified, well-trained substitutes.


Accurate Timesheets

Save time managing employee hours and running payroll — even with complex payroll rules and pay rates.


Strategic Insights

Benchmark your district's performance against data from the Frontline Research & Learning Institute.


Improved Compliance

Stay compliant with state and federal labor laws, ACA, FLSA and collective bargaining agreements.


Compare your absence and substitute Key Performance Indicators (KPI's) against regional and national benchmarks from the Frontline Research & Learning Institute.


Need to know who is in each building in real-time? Keep track of who is working where.


Get out of the weeds and focus on the bigger picture by saving time on paperwork, timesheets and processes.


Support your substitutes by providing high-quality online training courses that substitutes can complete on their own time.

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