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How School Districts Benefit from Electronic Employee Recordkeeping

Wondering how other districts are utilizing Frontline Central to streamline their processes, improve efficiencies, reduce costs and move on from paper-based employee recordkeeping? Take a look at some of the ways that school districts like yours benefit from Frontline Central.

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Digital Onboarding

Save time and handle the employee onboarding process entirely online.

Did you know?

According to Frontline’s K-12 Lens Survey:

72% of districts have manual onboarding processes.

Elmhurst School District 205 went completely digital with their onboarding and sets up new hires for success before their first day.

[Frontline Central] cut our [onboarding] time from one hour to 15 minutes. By the time they come to our office, it’s just review. It’s been instrumental to be able to onboard our staff timely.

Helen Romios Photo

Helen Romios

Director of Human Resources

Circleville City Schools uses Frontline Central to onboard new hires in one single step (and it only takes about 20 minutes).

When I [was out of office], I was able to onboard two administrators just from having Frontline Central and sending all the documents. Even if you’re not here, you’re still able to onboard new hires mid-year.

Suzie Gerhardt Photo

Suzie Gerhardt

Human Resources Director

Staff Forms and Contract Renewals

Create, distribute, and complete employee-specific annual contracts in one centralized platform.

Livingston Parish Public Schools completes forms with automatic reminders that route to the right people through customized workflows.

Before, I felt like I had to become a coder to build employee forms. It would take me a week just to create one form. Now, I can whip out a form in about eight seconds.

Bruce Chaffin Photo

Bruce Chaffin

Human Resources Director

Lampeter Strasburg School District saves time on employee forms and no longer relies on stacks of paper to manage documents.

I love that I can grab forms on-demand and submit them — I’m not hunting down paper in the district office to submit a paper form. I can also see the history of what I’ve done, and to have that kind of on-demand access is really great.

Bill Griscom

Director of Information Technology

Paperless Employee Records

Easily manage employee demographic information in a single, secure, digital location.

Whitehall-Coplay School District uses Frontline Central to easily handle onboarding, employee records, and maintain compliance.

We’re no longer having to log into 100 different places to get all this information that we need. We’re coming to one spot. It’s a one-stop shop.

Kristen Riedy Photo

Kristen Riedy

HR Specialist

Fredericksburg City Schools streamlines their employee records management and saves time for HR staff and new hires.

[Frontline Central] is invaluable. We have been home for three snow days, and if I needed to reach out to and call a teacher and or a staff member, I go into Frontline Central. It’s right there and I can contact them. I continue to be connected wherever I am.

Sue Keffer


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