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How School Districts Benefit from Electronic Employee Recordkeeping


Wondering how other districts are utilizing Frontline Central to streamline their processes, improve efficiencies, reduce costs and move on from paper-based employee recordkeeping? Take a look at some of the ways that school districts like yours benefit from Frontline Central.


Digital Employee Onboarding Process


With Frontline Central, the employee onboarding process can be done entirely online, saving you time throughout the process. Plus, candidate data flows directly into the system from Frontline Recruiting & Hiring.

Franklin Township Community Schools

Ruth Massey, HR Supervisor, uses Frontline Central to manage employee-related forms and information, including offers, new hire forms, benefits, contracts, and more.

“You’re able to click one button and it takes you there instead of having to navigate and have 12 windows open, you can go in and just add that information there. It really is a time saver.”

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Lampeter-Strasburg School District

Penny Tracy, Payroll Coordinator, loves the ease of electronically distributing and storing new hire packets through Frontline Central.

“Before, when it was August, I would stay late to make these copies so I wasn’t monopolizing the copier. Frontline Central saved me tons of time, that’s what I like best about it. It saves me tons of time and there’s no filing.”

“The time savings could even be more than three hours, just because you’re not dealing with logistics of people handing you packets of stuff that you then go file, then go hand to the next department. Now, it takes no longer than 15 minutes. You send the packet out, the packet comes back, you put the information in.”

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three hours


Electronic Employee Records


Manually managing employee records can take up a lot of time and storage space. With Frontline Central’s electronic employee records, you can securely manage employee information so you can get the data you need, when you need it — no more filling up filing cabinets.

What’s more, employees can review their own records or update their own information at any time. That means information can stay up-to-date, without adding tasks onto your schedule.

Cabot School District

Cabot School District uses Frontline Central to build out digital employee records through an integration with Frontline Recruiting & Hiring. They input all employee information — such as locations and job positions — into the digital record, and upload scans of pertinent employee documents.

Kerin Hunt, Assistant to the Director of Personnel, says:

“We are a four-person office that serves a lot of employees, and are always very busy with a lot going on. We were overwhelmed before, but Frontline Central has really helped to free up time to allow us to focus on other things.”

“Before, it took several people to do the job that now one or two people can do because the process is so automated.”

Bonham Independent School District

At Bonham ISD, having Frontline Central means that Human Resources Specialist Debbie Horton can easily access the information she needs with just a few clicks.

“This year I sent the Letter of Reasonable Assurance form out through Frontline Central and I loved it. I put a deadline on there to have them send this back to me. I absolutely loved it, because I didn’t have to worry whether or not they got it back before they left school.”

“It’s just a one stop shop. That’s what I’m liking. In the past I had all that paperwork. My personnel files were in a vault that wasn’t anywhere near my desk. If I had to get into them I had to leave my desk and I might be in the vault for quite some time… The fact that I can sit at my desk and I can look at an employee’s record, or whether or not they have turned in a form. That’s what I like. Just the fact that it’s all digital. I can sit at my computer. I don’t have to go anywhere, and I can find what I need.”

“Frontline Central has really helped to free up time to allow us to focus on other things.”


Contract Renewals


Creating, distributing and completing employee-specific annual contracts is a breeze with Frontline Central. Our solution lets you go from managing the annual employee renewal process on paper, to automating and completing the entire process online.

Livingston Parish Public Schools

“One thing that I love about Frontline Central is the form building. Before, I felt like I had to become a coder to build forms and it would take me a week just to create one. Now, I can whip out a form in eight seconds.”

Bruce Chaffin, Personnel Director

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Oxford School District

Using Frontline Central, administrators at Oxford School district are able to save time and complete the employee contract process a month earlier than before.

Doug Cromwell, Director of Personnel, Operations & Planning, says:

“Using Frontline Central has had a huge impact on our district. We have seen massive improvement versus last year, when we were still using paper for our employee contract process.”

“Throughout the contract process, we are able to identify anything that is not completed correctly, instantly make the corrections and resend the contract out, if needed. Before Frontline Central, we had to wait until all of the contracts were returned to identify any issues, which extends the time for completion.”

“The employees had wonderful feedback. They were shocked that they could sign their contract instantly and send it back to us.”


These are just a few examples of what you could do with Frontline Central. As a centralized hub for accessing and managing important employee data throughout Frontline’s human capital management suite, you’ll be able to spend less time on manual, paper-based processes and more time focused on your employees. Check out more examples here.

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