MyLearningPlan FAQs (Now Frontline Professional Growth)

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Questions about our professional learning and teacher evaluation management system formerly known as MyLearningPlan? You’ve come to the right place!

Here are a few of the most frequent questions we hear from school districts that are researching Frontline Professional Growth. Don’t see your question here? Feel free to contact us!

Why isn’t it called MyLearningPlan anymore?

MyLearningPlan, a well-known provider of educator professional growth and evaluation management tools for K-12 school districts, was acquired in May 2015 by Frontline Education.

Frontline Education is a leading provider of school administration software. MyLearningPlan is now part of Frontline Professional Growth, aligning it with the rest of the solutions Frontline Education offers.

How is Frontline Professional Growth different from MyLearningPlan OASYS or PDMS?

These applications are still a part of Frontline Professional Growth, although these days they’re known as Employee Evaluation Management and Professional Learning Management They are part of the broader Frontline Professional Growth solution, which includes tools to manage professional learning and evaluation, as well as resources for teachers to enhance their own learning and collaborate with each other online.

Why manage professional development online?

Frontline Professional Growth isn’t about removing the human touch from employee evaluations or professional learning. Quite the opposite, actually.  By simplifying the professional learning process, compiling forms, goals and PD resources in one place, and improving transparency throughout the whole evaluation process, Frontline Professional Growth helps district leaders cultivate consistent, substantial professional learning for all staff. Plus, by giving teachers direct access to their PD resources and evaluation data, teachers can revisit their goals regularly as they seek to grow in their careers.

What forms are included in the solution?

Frontline Professional Growth is all about flexibility. Districts can provide their current forms and rubrics, and our employee evaluation management tools allow you to configure the process to fit what you need. The management tools will allow you to oversee every component of the evaluation process, including: self-reflection and goal setting, in-class observations, student learning objectives and growth data. That means you can focus on having meaningful discussions about instructional practice with educators.

How does Frontline Professional Growth simplify how we manage forms?

By adding all your forms online within Frontline Professional Growth, the data is easily tracked by not only the end user, but by administration as well. This eliminates the need for spreadsheets to track things like licensure, salary movements, district-required hours and other requirements. Instead, the system replaces your spreadsheets with easily accessible reports, which can always be downloaded to Excel if needed.

Will the solution allow for multiple methods of scoring?

Yes! Frontline Professional Growth’s configuration process is very flexible. Districts can determine their scoring philosophy, be it a Scoring Form Approach, Holistic Approach or a hybrid of these approaches. The solution also allows districts to use conversion charts.

Will the teachers have access to their evaluation data?

Yes, teachers have direct access to their evaluation data, enabling them to regularly assess their progress.

Teachers have the ability to complete forms such as self-reflections and SLO/SGO forms. They also have the ability to upload evaluation evidence via the artifact section – an electronic portfolio for teachers.

Can districts manage SLOs in the solution?

With Frontline Professional Growth, you can host all of your Student Learning Objective data in one system, managing single or multiple SLOs for each person.

Does the system support educator growth based on evaluation results?

You can incorporate data from multiple measures, and with the full Frontline Professional Growth solution, recommend targeted professional learning based on evaluation results. This is known as the Learning Loop, and provides professional learning recommendations through the correlation of individual evaluation outcomes to state-standard-aligned PD opportunities.

Can the system help us with collaborative professional learning?

Yes! Our professional learning management system helps create and manage any type of collaborative or blended learning. Using Groups in Learning & Collaboration Resources, users can participate in discussions with one another, share files, upload videos to request feedback and more. Potential collaborative learning activities include Professional Learning Communities (PLCs), book studies, mentoring and collegial circles. They can be leveraged within the district or even across districts, connecting educators from across the nation to collaborate and share ideas. Groups can also be combined with face-to-face workshops for a more blended experience.

How can we recommend professional learning specifically to our teachers who are in need of improvement?

If your district is using Frontline’s Employee Evaluation Management system, the activities in your Professional Learning Management Catalog can be aligned to recommend professional learning based on evaluation outcomes.

How does Frontline Professional Growth help to streamline professional development management?

Frontline Professional Growth can make your office paperless! We can create your forms online for things such as conferences, graduate courses, salary movements, tuition reimbursements, mentoring plans, mentoring logs, Personal Goal Plans, and more. Then, we help you create an electronic workflow so the form is automatically routed to the appropriate administrators.

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Our district purchased Frontline’s Learning & Collaboration Resources. Can we use those courses in Frontline Professional Growth?

Yes! Resources can be easily added to activities in Professional Learning Management as a source of professional learning. Additionally, districts may upload their own curated resources to the Resource Library. All resources are also available for exploratory learning at any time

Does it integrate with my other software systems?

Frontline Professional Growth integrates with Frontline Absence Management to automatically create an absence and generate a sub request when a PD request requiring a teacher absence is approved.  State-specific integrations are also available.  Additionally, Frontline Professional Growth integrates with other systems via an sFTP process. Frontline provides a list of current integrations here.

How much does it cost?

Frontline Professional Growth is billed as annual subscription based on a per-user license. If you’re interested in using the system, a Frontline representative can discuss your specific needs and send you a proposal.

Does using Frontline Professional Growth save my district time and money?

Yes! By streamlining the submission and approval of forms, evaluation process and access to learning resources, as well as making your data readily available, Frontline Professional Growth saves your administrators time that can be devoted to working with educators to improve student outcomes.

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What hardware or software do I need to install?

None! Frontline Professional Growth is an entirely web-based solution, so only an Internet connection is required.

Where can I learn more about Frontline Professional Growth?

Visit our solution page for more information about using Frontline Professional Growth.


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