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The Learning Loop

Find out how Frontline Professional Growth can work for you.


You may have quite a few educators whose evaluations aren’t changing much over time. They’re still performing poorly in some areas and doing great in others. But when you look at their file, you see that they’ve been consistently participating in professional learning. So why isn’t that professional development helping them…well, develop?The professional learning and employee evaluation management tools in Frontline Professional Growth work together in a continuous “Learning Loop,” so you can identify targeted learning experiences that make a difference in the classroom and on student learning.

Professional Learning

Administrators can review an employee’s evaluation results and recommend the most relevant professional learning experiences, which will be automatically displayed on the employee’s professional learning dashboard. Then, they can easily enroll in the program.

Afterwards, administrators and employees can view a record of their professional learning activities. Best of all, Frontline Professional Growth helps you track how the experience is affecting classroom practice and student outcomes.

This data ties back to evaluations, and administrators can continue the cycle of continuous, educator-driven learning based on identified needs.

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