Frontline Special Education Management

Helping you and your team support and manage special student populations.



The full Frontline Special Education Management solution expands your view beyond program and student data management, better equipping staff to plan and deliver support for students with special needs.


IEP Management

Use in-depth data to inform student support decisions, measure progress, manage compliance, and reclaim staff time throughout the year.


Medicaid Management

Find, prioritize and act on opportunities for reimbursement — and help providers easily track encounters.


RTI/MTSS Management

Collaboratively identify struggling students, assign tiers and measure intervention success with reliable, easy-to-access data.


504 Plan Management

Develop informed 504 Plans, produce notices, schedule meetings and track outcomes for each student.


Gifted & Talented Management

Identify gifted students then create personalized education programs using data analysis.


ELL/ESOL Management

Ease the effort of paperwork, data collection and reporting associated with supporting English language learners.

Part of Supporting Your Special Educators with Frontline

Frontline Special Education Management is a key part of insulating your team against the special educator shortage. Frontline’s holistic solution — including strong digital tools and professional learning opportunities — can help you recruit, hire and retain the right special education talent.

Platform Dashboard


Recruiting & Hiring

Bring the best people into your district.

  • Applicant Tracking
  • Screening Assessments
  • Onboarding & Safety Training Course Library


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Absence & Time

Get the whole picture of employee attendance.

  • Absence & Substitute Management
  • Time & Attendance
  • Substitute Training Course Library


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Professional Growth

Facilitate the entire educator growth process in one place.

  • Professional Learning Management
  • Employee Evaluation Management
  • Evaluator Training & Calibration
  • Collaboration & Coaching
  • Professional Development & Mandatory Training Course Library

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Employee Center

Bringing it all together:
Frontline Central.

At the core of the all-in-one approach to supporting your organization is Frontline Central: a go-to source of employee information and strategic insights across Frontline solutions.

As a key part of gaining insights that can positively impact staff and students, Frontline Central adds value to the other Frontline solutions by simplifying and analyzing data relevant to employment, producing actionable insights that empower the front line of education.

In fact, it’s Frontline Central that will give you the ability to take your own district metrics and compare them to national and regional benchmarks from the Frontline Research & Learning Institute.

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