Frontline 504 Program Management Software

Evaluate eligibility, create compliant IEPs and 504 Plans

Have you noticed that consistency is critical when it comes to fulfilling IDEA and Section 504’s mandates?


“There are three key, important, guiding best practice principles in 504 and IDEA. They are: addressing individual need, plugging that individual need into a compliant process, and making sure that students are succeeding.” John Comegno, leading education attorney and speaker

To stay compliant with IDEA and Section 504, you need:

  • Consistency in forms and data
  • Consistency in people
  • Consistency in review
  • Consistency ensuring implementation


Help students thrive by keeping processes consistent and data-based

Frontline helps you ensure equitable access for students with disabilities by bringing true consistency and fidelity to both the 504 and Special Education processes.

You can determine eligibility, find the right plan for each student, meet compliance milestones and easily manage paperwork.

And should a student with an IEP need to transfer to a 504 Plan, that process takes less time and empowers your 504 committee with better data on students’ individual needs.

The 504 Management Piece




Easily develop 504 Plans

Manage workflows online, and create, revise, store and track 504 Plans and all related documentation — and integrate with your student information system, too.

Monitor progress and adjust accordingly

Gain insights and make data-driven decisions to maximize resources, plan budgets and improve program performance.

Simplify case management

Simplify management of Section 504 compliance with dashboards and alerts that improve accountability and save time.

Integrate with SIS

Easily share data between your general education student information system and Frontline Special Education Software.

Enhance security and privacy

Store and retrieve documents confidently with a separate set of role-based permission levels that control who can upload and view which type of documents.

“The luxury of [using Frontline] is, if we have a student going from a referral to be tested, they can go right through the same system. There’s no additional paperwork and it all flows together. The same with a 504. If a student is currently classified and then maybe they’re getting a 504 … everything is in 1 place.” Marta Audino, Director of Student Services and Programs, Hamilton Township Public Schools


The IEP & Special Education Management Piece




Improve IEP quality

Collaborate online to develop high-quality and compliant IEPs with real-time document sharing and role-based permissions for access to student records.

Track and easily report on student progress

See what has and hasn’t been working for each student and create timely, thorough progress reports for your whole caseload, in less time.

Enhance compliance and support best practices

Easily align with state regulations and district policies, and validate data at the point of entry to catch errors before IEPs are finalized and state reports are submitted.

Reduce administrative burden

Simplify the entire special education process for your staff, easily generate custom reports and more efficiently manage the process so you can return time to teaching.

“I’m seeing in the classroom that my IEPs are a lot better. Really a lot better. And the progress monitoring is going. And instead of, continue, continue, continue, continue, that was a pattern, you don’t see that anymore. You see more of a mastery than a continuation of the IEP. Kids are really making progress, as well as our staff.” Della Taylor, Director of Special Education, Harlandale Independent School District


An easier way to elevate 504 Plans and Special Education

Working to provide supports to students with disabilities or unique health-care needs often requires significant time and resources, and it’s essential to manage your process efficiently. Frontline’s 504 Plan and Special Education management tools are an ideal solution for saving time and enhancing compliance as you help learners thrive.

These tools are part of a comprehensive solution designed to help you support all learners in your district, through Special Education and RTI/MTSS as well as English-learner and Gifted and Talented programs.