IEP and Special Education Management

Enhance compliance, support best practices and improve the quality of IEPs.

Supporting students with special needs is rewarding and meaningful work, but also highly complex and extremely challenging. With ever-changing regulations and increasing demands, but limited resources, it’s no wonder that costs are rising. Special education teachers and providers are in high demand, while cumbersome administrative processes are taking precious time away from supporting children.

That’s where Frontline Special Education Management can help as you work to promote greater student success. Built for state-specific requirements, our intuitive IEP and special education management tools help you reclaim time, simplify case management, increase the quality of IEPs and make better decisions for your special education program.

Improve IEP quality

Collaborate online to develop high-quality and compliant IEPs with real-time document sharing and role-based permissions for access to student records.

Enhance compliance and support best practices

Easily align with state regulations and district policies, and validate data at the point of entry to catch errors before IEPs are finalized and state reports are submitted.

Reduce administrative burden

Simplify the entire special education process for your staff, monitor student progress, easily generate reports and more efficiently manage the entire process so you can return time to teaching.

Integrate with SIS

Easily share data between your general education student information system and Frontline Special Education Management, as well as transfer IEPs between districts.

One solution for effectively managing special education.

Our IEP and special education management tools are built to be easy to use while helping to ensure you have everything covered. Now you can alleviate the headaches of creating IEPs and track and manage all those important compliance requirements — so you can spend more time promoting student success.

These tools are just one part of Frontline Special Education Management, a holistic solution to help you manage everything from IEPs, state reporting and Medicaid claims to 504 Plans, RTI/MTSS programs and supporting your ELL and Gifted & Talented learners. It’s more of what you need in one place, so you can return time to teaching exceptional learners.


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