Frontline English Learner Program Management

Save time and support best practices managing your English Learner program.

Educating large numbers of widely diverse students is a complicated task, and differing language requirements can make it even more difficult. Identifying and serving English Learners is critically important — yet the administrative and paperwork burden can take valuable time and resources.

With the EL program management tools, you can easily monitor and document your processes, spending less time on administrative work and more on supporting your students and staff.


Support Improved Student Outcomes

Support each student’s education with tools to create individual instructional plans.


Manage Your EL Process

Dashboards, analytics and configurable forms and workflows help you meet your district’s unique needs.


Track Progress

Collect data from different systems in one place, and simplify progress monitoring to measure student growth and allocate resources.


Gain Insights

Make informed decisions for your EL program based on real-time data.

One solution to streamline your processes.

Our English Learner program management tools make it easy to manage and scale even the most complex processes to support English Language Learners. By providing educators with the tools to handle EL administration, you’ll support improved student outcomes as well.

These tools are designed to help you support all learners in your district, through special education and Response to Intervention as well as 504 Plans and gifted & talented programs.


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