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Case Study

Ysleta Independent School District

Efficiently plans for each of its 15,000 English language learners with a software that also accounts for 504, RTI & Special Education data.

Ysleta Independent School District Hero Image

District Background

The Ysleta Independent School District (YISD) has been providing quality educational opportunities for students in the El Paso area for over 100 years. As the third largest district in a border city across the Rio Grande from Ciudad Juarez, Mexico, about 25% of Ysleta ISD students are English learners (ELs). To support the district’s goal of graduating students fluent in two or more languages, all campuses offer bilingual/ESL services, and more than half of YISD schools offer dual-language programs.

The Challenge

Ana Esqueda, part of the academic language department, serves as the LPAC (language proficiency assessment committee) Compliance Coordinator for the district. Every school has an LPAC that’s responsible for making decisions for individual students. Working closely with the LPACs in all 60 schools, and with student files housed at each campus, Ana found that trying to monitor all the compliance documentation was a monumental task.

The Results

Ysleta had been using Frontline EL/LPAC to manage Special Education compliance for years. When the academic language department saw a preview of the English Learner (EL/LPAC) program management application, they were hooked. All of the required student documents were built in, and no changes were needed for YISD to get started. Tracking down hard copies of records in student folders on each campus became a thing of the past. With all EL/LPAC records stored in one place, student information is now accessible electronically from anywhere.

“The hard copies stay at the campus, but electronic records can be accessed from all over. Everything is housed in one place.”

Ana Esqueda
– LPAC Compliance Coordinator

The Solution

Less paper, more time

While change can be hard, the LPAC coordinators quickly learned the process, gained confidence and appreciated the benefits of a paperless system. Some of the newer staff members don’t even know the difference, never having used hardcopy LPAC documents.

LPAC coordinators no longer have to make a trip to the district office to deliver or pick up documents. If a site-based coordinator needs assistance, help from Ana is a quick phone call away. She can view records online at the same time as the coordinator, and together they identify and solve problems.

Users can access student records with a single login – anywhere, anytime. When students move to another campus, the records follow automatically. EL/LPAC coordinators in charge of monitoring students review their lists regularly to check for compliance.

The district provides a campus schedule for LPAC members. When it’s time to schedule a meeting, an EL/LPAC coordinator simply creates the meeting occurrence in the application.

At each meeting, committees discuss students’ needs and formalize LPAC decisions. Data is prefilled on the required forms, allowing members to sign electronically instead of passing papers around the table.

“Once you enter it, everything is in [Frontline’s system]. You don’t have to go look for documents.”

Ana Esqueda
– LPAC Compliance Coordinator

Academic success for English Learners

With the EL/LPAC software, it’s easier to focus on the needs of every student. On each campus, the LPAC members get to know the students and can address their individual needs. Because they have access to all student data, not just EL records, teachers know what services and interventions a student receives. They use assessment results to determine whether the instruction is effective or needs to be adjusted.

“Campus committees get to know the students, so we’re looking at instruction and academic success, and meeting the needs of the students.”

Ana Esqueda
– LPAC Compliance Coordinator

Improved workflow

The digital system is a huge advantage for district staff, and has substantially improved workflow. YISD has come a long way in cleaning up data and making sure it is correct for all students. Administrators no longer have to log in and out to change systems ― the information they need is just a click away. Special Education, EL, 504 and RTI records are all housed in one place, giving staff a complete view of each learner.

Customer support

During the rollout and implementation of the EL/LPAC application, Frontline representatives provided continual support. From weekly webinars facilitated by the district’s dedicated representative to day-to-day phone calls and email messages, patient guidance and encouragement made the transition much easier. Having a rep with ESL experience and background was particularly helpful.