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Section 504 Plan Management Software

Make compliance easier and faster in every step of your Section 504 process.

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Simplify Case Management

Easily develop, review, and track 504 plans and related documentation with dynamic workflows and embedded validations to proactively keep you compliant.

Compliant, Up-To-Date, User-Friendly Forms

Leverage forms designed by nationally recognized Section 504 legal experts to gain confidence in your documentation.

Keep Every Process Moving

Streamline management of every Section 504 process with dashboards and alerts that improve accountability and keep staff on track with deadlines.

Promote Equity

Take a proactive, data-driven approach to ensuring students are receiving effective accommodations.

Hear Directly from Dave Richards & Jose Martín

Frontline has an exclusive partnership with Attorneys Dave Richards & Jose Martín, nationally recognized CESD Section 504 experts. Behind the scenes, they regularly update our forms to reflect and address changes in law, guidance from the Office for Civil Rights, and rulings from the courts.

Don’t Put Students at Risk

  • Varying Section 504 methods across grades or buildings can lead to compliance issues for your district
  • Complex procedures burden administrators, diverting focus from student needs
  • Aligning everyone on students’ unique needs can be challenging, affecting support consistency

“At this time, few schools have a firm grasp of the Section 504 process. By creating the guidelines and forms as a system, we sought to ensure consistency in language and action and, to the extent possible, have the forms guide Section 504 committees through their tasks to ensure that proper procedures were followed to satisfy the Office for Civil Rights (OCR).”

David Richards & Jose Martín

There’s a Better Way

With Frontline, enjoy the confidence that comes from clarity in all areas of Section 504 Plan Management, so you can spend less time bogged down with paperwork and more time focused on student growth.

Frontline specializes in K-12 solutions that put the information you need at your fingertips. See why more than 80,000 schools trust Frontline solutions to support the complex and essential work of education.

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