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Frontline Recruiting & Hiring:
Frequently Asked Questions


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Interested in Frontline Recruiting & Hiring but still have questions about it? Here are some of the questions that come up a lot! If you’re wondering about something you don’t see here, please contact your Education Solutions Executive who will be glad to assist you.

What applications are included as part of Frontline Recruiting & Hiring?

The full Frontline Recruiting & Hiring solution includes several applications designed to help K-12 administrators move exceptional candidates through the hiring process with ease. They include:

Applicant Tracking

Streamline the recruiting and hiring process from start to finish

Screening Assessments

Identify the candidates most likely to succeed in your district with research-based assessments

Onboarding & Safety Training Course Library

Get new employees, including substitutes, up to speed and ready to work

Proactive Recruiting

Proactively recruit to the largest active database of K-12 job-seeking educators


Having an integrated solution for managing both recruiting and hiring saves you time and helps you bring the best candidates into the district. Frontline Recruiting & Hiring manages the entire process online so you can focus on higher priorities: attracting and identifying the best candidates, and quickly bringing them on board.