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Game Changing Human Resource Software
Built for K-12 Schools

Illustrated dashboards for HRMS

Frontline HRMS: everything for talent, compensation, benefits and position management in one place.


Every school district handles the cycle of position control and employee management with unique practices and policies. That’s why Frontline HRMS was designed with the K-12 process in mind for the foundation of the software. One of the biggest elements that makes this technology uniquely K-12 specific is the workflows, permissions and notifications are configurable to meet your needs without costly code customizations that generic software requires.

So, as you work through the entire position and employee management cycle in your district, you have everything you need at your fingertips for everything from approving vacancies, posting a job, recruiting, hiring and onboarding to managing benefits, complex compensation for contracts and employee self-service.

Talent Management

  • Swiftly recruit, hire, and onboard great talent
  • Build in dependencies/notifications to ensure personnel budget before recruiting begins
  • Proactively recruit using embedded social media and K12JobSpot (accessing a pool of over 1.7M K-12 job-seekers)
  • Track applicants throughout the entire process
  • Filter applicants by credentials to easily identify candidates with specific experience, certifications, education, etc.
  • Automate onboarding paperwork to engage new hires from day one


Position Management

  • Control and organize staffing needs for now and the future with effective dating
  • Maximize your impact with digital workforce planning and forecasting
  • Keep security and budget accountability at the forefront with organizational mapping and pay structures
  • Track degrees, credentials, professional development, assessments and more across your district


Compensation Management

  • Control stipends from coaching to educational milestones
  • Keep up with your employees’ growing experience with step increment processing
  • Define unique pay structures aligned with contracts, pay cycles and grades
  • Maintain contracts as they evolve from year to year


Benefits Management

Staff will be able to digitally…

  • Select and enroll in benefits packages
  • Adjust life/qualifying events as situations change
  • Change contact information with the click of a button
  • Access pertinent information pertaining to individual plans


Digital Document Management

  • Maximize new hire efficiency with streamlined, digital onboarding
  • Provide permissions-based visibility to employee records
  • Ensure forms are completed and approved on time, by the right people
  • Efficiently manage annual contract renewals online


Reporting and Integrations

  • Build queries and schedule routine exports to other important systems
  • Customize live data dashboards that quickly represent critical information that you rely on