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Make the K-12 Employee Onboarding Process a Breeze with Frontline Central


You work hard to find the right candidates for every position in the district. But what about after the hire? Onboarding new employees isn’t always easy. Copying and distributing all the necessary forms, getting completed paperwork back in time and manually processing new hire information takes up valuable time.

There’s a better way to bring new hires into the district.

With Frontline Central, you can manage the entire onboarding process online. That means more time back in your day, no more paperwork piling up on your desk and happier new hires.

The Digital Onboarding Process with Frontline Central

Frontline Central makes onboarding easy for both you and your new hires. You can easily create and distribute onboarding forms and new hire packets, and you can be sure that each new hire is getting only the paperwork they need to complete based on their new role. New employees can complete each form online, from the comfort of their own home. Plus, automated workflows ensure that paperwork goes to the right people for completion and approval, and due dates guarantee that forms are submitted on time.

  • Automate the process by electronically distributing onboarding packets ahead of time
  • Know the status of new candidates in the onboarding process at any time
  • Stop chasing down signatures for approval — just use digital signatures
  • Integrate with Frontline Recruiting & Hiring to automatically transfer new hire data

No more copying reams of paper, no more sending out envelopes and hoping everything is returned on time. Instead, you get the information you need, when you need it — and hours back in your day.

“The system is pretty much handling all those things for us. The time savings could even be more than three hours, just because you’re not dealing with logistics of people handing you packets of stuff that you then go file, then go hand to the next department… Now, it takes no longer than 15 minutes. You send the packet out, the packet comes back, you put the information in.”
– Penny Tracy, Payroll Specialist, Lampeter-Strasburg School District

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After Onboarding

Don’t settle for just an onboarding system. Frontline Central goes above and beyond: in addition to onboarding, our solution helps you manage employee information across the district.

From I-9s and W4s to annual employee contract renewals, direct deposit forms and policy updates, Frontline Central helps you take control of your school district’s paperwork. With our simple drag-and-drop functionality, you can easily build any internal form needed in the district and use automated workflows to ensure that each form gets to the right place. Plus, you can ensure that your records are accurate by giving employees the ability to update their own information.

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