Education deserves a better view

Introducing the Frontline Insights Platform

What if...

Education is full of talented people — the front line of education — with ideas, strategies and plans to prepare the next generation of learners. But in the fast-changing world of education, the technology has not kept up. For many on the front line, the reality is an overwhelming mashup of disconnected systems: leading to fragmentation across teams and a lack of insights to drive decisions.




What if...

one unified platform could span departments, enabling school and district leaders to collaborate around real-time integrated insights?


What if...

you could efficiently manage complementary processes — from employee absences to professional learning to evaluations — all in one place?


What if...

you had all of the data you needed to make decisions, right at your fingertips?


What if...

you could benchmark your district’s progress against others in order to gain insights and take action to improve outcomes?


Now you can with the Frontline Insights Platform​.

Frontline is actively bringing best-in-class systems and information together into one connected platform because we believe you deserve a better view. With the Frontline Insights Platform, you can gain actionable insights to help drive decisions that support your goals.

Insights Platform

What is the Frontline Insights Platform?

The Frontline Insights Platform brings critical technologies together to provide on-demand, actionable insights to the front line of education.

It’s a powerful combination of the Frontline Education solutions, ultimately connecting to Frontline Central, which will be the single source of employee information for Frontline solutions.

The Frontline Insights Platform includes solutions for:

  • Frontline Central (the go-to source of employee information and strategic insights across Frontline solutions)
  • Frontline Recruiting & Hiring (applicant tracking & assessments)
  • Frontline Absence & Time (employee attendance & substitute management)
  • Frontline Professional Growth (appraisal & learning management
  • Frontline Special Ed & Interventions (IEP, RTI, Medicaid, 504, ELL and Gifted & Talented)

Why Choose the Frontline Insights Platform

On-demand, actionable insights.

In building the first unified platform for the K-12 market, we listened to our customers. And you told us you needed ease of use (like single sign-on and mobile access), security and visibility into data and insights across your Frontline solutions.


By adding any of the Frontline solutions or applications, you’ll also get the benefits of the foundation of the Insights Platform – with key features like a mobile app and single sign-on. 


Identity Management

Save time and protect your employee information with a unified approach to managing basic employee information that includes single sign-on (just one login!) for all users in the Frontline solutions. No more juggling user names and passwords!


FERPA-Compliant Security

Your employee data should be just as secure as your student data — that’s why we maintain a FERPA-compliant security policy that’s industry-leading for K-12 employee information.


Mobile Access

Access key functions of your Frontline solutions on the go, right from the convenience of your phone.

Learn more about our mobile app  


Common UI & Navigation 

From a common user interface (think colors and branding) to consistent navigation, we’re making it easier than ever to move seamlessly across the Frontline solutions.


Reporting & Dashboards

Our robust reporting tools and customizable dashboards provide quick and easy access to insights within Frontline solutions that can drive your decision-making. 


API Library

Technology working in harmony will come to life when you can easily import and export data from your other systems with our evolving library of APIs. 



Bringing it all together:
Frontline Central.

At the core of the Insights Platform is Frontline Central: the go-to source of employee information and strategic insights across Frontline solutions. By securely and efficiently managing employee information online, Central adds value to the other Frontline solutions by integrating, simplifying and analyzing data relevant to employment.

Strategic Insights
Nationally-published benchmarks from the Frontline Research & Learning Institute, available within Frontline Central as an interactive Institute Report, equip you with Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) showcasing your district’s performance compared to customizable benchmark data by state, district size and locale.

Employee Records Management
As an employee records management system, Central also provides automated tools for onboarding, workflows, document management and more to help you reclaim time for more strategic work, maintain compliance, gain insights to drive employee decisions, and improve communication to drive employee engagement and retention.


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