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Webinar: Strategic Decisions with Human Capital Analytics

Webinar: Strategic Decisions with Human Capital Analytics

51 minutes

District leaders are under more pressure than ever to make increasingly more difficult HR decisions, and 2022-23 is not letting up! Teacher absences, recruiting, hiring, and professional development all need to be considered. Making strategic decisions without the use of data can mean opening yourself up to unnecessary risk or simply missing opportunities for improvement.

Learn from our team how you can easily leverage teacher absence, recruiting, and professional development data to drive key staffing, personnel, and staff development decisions.

In this webinar you will learn about:

  • Leveraging teacher absence data to impact fill-rates
  • Using recruiting and hiring detail to expand your reach to top talent and diversify your workforce
  • Strategies to monitor professional development offerings as they align to district strategic planning efforts and goals


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At-a-glance dashboards give you the insights you need to make better decisions about managing teacher absences, recruiting and hiring, and managing your professional learning program.

  • See absence trends over time to anticipate your need for substitutes
  • Analyze open positions to identify patterns or areas of need in your recruiting efforts
  • Monitor compliance with professional development requirements, and ensure your program is aligned to district goals to impact student outcomes


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