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An Introduction to Frontline Analytics, powered by Forecast5

An Introduction to Frontline Analytics, powered by Forecast5

31 minutes

Join Frontline for a 30-minute demonstration of our Analytics Suite. This “No Sales Pitch” led by the Frontline Analytics Advisor Team, will show you real world, “better” practice examples of analytics in action, including:

  • Student Analytics from current data
  • Comparative Analytics with state level data
  • Financial and Budgeting Analytics using current finances
  • Location Analytics using student data


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School districts collect no shortage of information — but it can be difficult to make sense of it all. Whether you’re looking for better insight into your student body, your budget, or how your district compares to others, Frontline Analytics offers a wealth of tools to help you make the most of your data.

Evaluate student performance trends with Student Analytics:

  • Track student attendance, course completion, and test performance
  • Evaluate student learning engagement
  • Ensure next-grade and college, career, or military readiness

Build detailed comparisons of district trends and peer district performance with Comparative Analytics:

  • Analyze local compensation/benefits trends
  • View revenue and expenditure trends by fund, function, or object
  • Evaluate relative performance, staffing ratios, and more against peer districts

Create in-year and multi-year financial forecasts with Financial and Budgeting Analytics:

  • Simulate collective bargaining budget impacts
  • Develop multiyear plans and intra-year budget performance analysis
  • Create ‘what if’ scenarios, and analyze current year financial data based on historical trends

Add critical geographic student and community information with Location Analytics:

  • Evaluate boundaries and attendance zones
  • Efficiently determine optimal resource placement
  • Evaluate reconfiguration options due to new buildings, consolidations, and more

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