Pennsylvania Act 126 Training

Pennsylvania Act 126 Training Webinar

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Pennsylvania’s Act 126 aims to keep schools safe for all students by requiring training in recognizing and reporting signs of abuse and sexual misconduct, and maintaining appropriate relationships with students. This training must be:

  • 3 hours in length
  • Provided to all school employees and independent contractors every five years
  • Conducted by a state-approved provider
  • Tracked and documented for each employee

Sound like a lot of work? You’re right — but now there’s a better way to provide Act 126 training.

Frontline Education’s course libraries can help.

Say goodbye to the hassle of conducting in-person safety training sessions. Frontline Education is a state-approved provider of Act 126 training and can issue Act 48 credits upon course completion. With these online, on-demand courses, you can:

  • Easily fit required trainings into busy schedules
  • Save money on substitute placement with trainings that don’t require a teacher absence
  • Monitor and document progress with SCORM-compliant courses, assessment questions and timely reports
  • Enhance compliance
  • Mitigate risk and avoid potential lawsuits

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Frontline’s course libraries cover far more than just Act 126, and make it possible to provide training to all of your employees in areas ranging from bloodborne pathogens to FERPA and HIPAA, from harassment awareness to bullying prevention and more. Save time, meet each employee’s needs and better comply with state and federal regulations.


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