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Teacher Evaluation Software (and More)

Employee Evaluation Management, a part of Frontline Professional Growth

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Observe and Provide Feedback

Impact student outcomes through a collaborative observation process and actionable feedback.

Evaluate All Employees — Not Just Teachers

Use Employee Evaluation Management to complete evaluations for all district employees: teachers, counselors, administrators, office staff, and more.

Get Detailed Reports Aligned to Your District’s Rubric

Identify areas of strength and challenge according to any rubric you use, license permitting.

Oversee the Entire Evaluation Process

Stay on top of action items by accessing key evaluation data on your centralized homepage.


“We’re able to give such concrete feedback to teachers during observations that gives them the opportunity to then internalize that feedback and make it part of their instructional repertoire. At that point, it has the ability to impact student learning. Once the teachers are able to take the information and put it into action in the classroom, that’s when students start to see the benefit.”

— Chuck Seipp, Ed.D.
Roxbury Public Schools, New Jersey

Expertise in Education

We partner with leaders in teacher development like Charlotte Danielson and James Stronge to support effective teacher evaluation for better student outcomes. View all of our education partners here.

“Frontline really helps me connect with those teachers and share exactly what I’m going to be evaluating them using, and it provides us a communication tool. So when we sit down and visit together about the formal observation, we’ve got some shared language, some shared paperwork, and through the SLOs it really facilitates our communication as they work through all of the steps.”

— Lisa Parry
Principal, Arlington School District 38-1

FAQs About Frontline Professional Growth & Employee Evaluations

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Can districts manage Student Learning Objectives in the system?

What hardware or software do I need to install?

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