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The Danielson Group

The Danielson Group

Charlotte Danielson

An internationally recognized expert in designing improvement-focused teacher evaluation systems, Charlotte Danielson has incorporated years of research and feedback from educators to develop the Framework for Teaching Evaluation Instrument.

This practical tool is designed not just for evaluations, but also for mentoring, coaching and professional development.

The Framework for Teaching Evaluation Instrument

The Framework for Teaching Evaluation Instrument provides educators with a deep, shared understanding of what good teaching looks like and builds observers’ and teachers’ confidence in the observation process. By using a common language of effective teaching, teachers and observers can have more action-oriented, constructive conversations that lead to professional growth.

The Framework for Teaching Evaluation Instrument, 2013 edition:

  • Features clear language for ease of use and scoring/accuracy in assessment
  • Allows observers and teachers to collaborate on precise, actionable reflection
  • Provides critical attributes and possible examples for each component and level of performance
  • Makes explicit the instructional implications of the Common Core State Standards

Charlotte Danielson has also drafted the Clusters: a distillation of the “big ideas” of the FFT into an efficient tool (composed of six large concepts) that can serve as the foundation of professional growth by teachers, not only through their own reflection on practice, but also through their conversations with colleagues, mentors and coaches, and supervisors. There are three related versions: Math Clusters, English Language Arts (ELA) Clusters, and Generic Clusters.

Available through Frontline

Charlotte Danielson has granted Frontline digital rights to the Framework for Teaching Evaluation Instrument, 2011 and 2013 Editions. While these versions of the Framework for Teaching Evaluation Instrument may be freely downloaded and printed for individual use in paper form, this license grant means that Frontline products are authorized for use with the 2011 and 2013 Evaluation Instrument.*

Working together to advance teaching effectiveness

Charlotte Danielson and Frontline have partnered to provide educators using the Framework for Teaching Evaluation Instrument with tools that advance teaching effectiveness.

  • MANAGE THE ENTIRE PROCESS. Frontline Professional Growth effectively manages every component of the evaluation process, including self-reflection and goal setting, in-class observations, student learning objectives and growth data.
  • CO-CONSTRUCT EVALUATIONS. Frontline Professional Growth supports collaborative, co-constructed evaluations incorporating the Framework for Teaching Evaluation Instrument.


Training, calibration, and proficiency on the Framework (powered by Frontline Education)
  • DIGITAL TRAINING ON THE FRAMEWORK. Increase reliability and accuracy in identifying and scoring evidence of teaching practice according to the Framework for Teaching Evaluation Instrument for individual and collaborative learning.
  • PRACTICE SCORING. Prepare observers for real-world classroom observations by viewing and scoring videos of authentic classroom lessons.
  • ASSESS OBSERVER PROFICIENCY. Establish trust and confidence in observers’ understanding of the Framework for Teaching and ability to score teaching practice accurately.
  • CALIBRATE OBSERVERS. Eliminate rater drift while deepening fluency in the Framework for Teaching to ensure ongoing observer accuracy

Onsite Training  and Consultation on the Framework from the Danielson Group

The Danielson GroupThe Danielson Group offers targeted, customized, face-to-face professional development workshops to strengthen use of the Framework for Teaching; and consulting services around observation and professional learning program design. For more information, please contact The Danielson Group here.

*Frontline has a license to use the 2011 and 2013 Editions of the Danielson Framework for Teaching Evaluation Instrument in connection with any software, electronic, online, or other digital media product or service. Such license does not extend to PDF files, Excel spreadsheets (and equivalents), Word documents (and equivalents), PowerPoint presentations (and equivalents), e-books, webinars, and lectures (whether or not electronic).

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