Aesop is now Absence & Substitute Management!
(Part of Frontline Absence & Time)

New(ish) name. Same great product.

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Aesop’s name has changed. So, has anything else changed? Yes and no!

While Aesop’s name has changed to Absence & Substitute Management, it’s still the same go-to tool for managing employee leave and finding qualified substitutes – used by more school districts than any other absence management solution.

With Absence & Substitute Management (formerly Aesop) you can:

  • Easily manage and approve employee leave across your district
  • Improve fill rates and know that absences are covered by qualified substitutes
  • Seamlessly integrate with hundreds of other software systems
  • Take a real-time view of what absences have been filled across your campuses
  • View a library of stock reports and a custom report writer to see trends and manage absences
  • Make tracking hours for the Affordable Care Act a breeze

What has changed?

Over the last few years, a few exciting developments have come to Absence & Substitute Management (formerly Aesop). These include: