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 the Frontline Insights Platform

Connected software solutions to empower education leaders

You need systems that work for you, not against you.

Fragmented software systems just add to the complexity.

  • Having to log in to multiple places
  • Adding to departmental siloes and communication breakdowns
  • Supporting users on too many disparate systems
  • More time dealing with a plethora of different providers
  • Lack of benchmarking data to keep your district competitive

Solutions that just work. Together.

With the right tools, data and insights, you can make the best decisions to support your teachers and staff. And – as education leaders often tell us – it’s not just about single solutions anymore. You need technology systems that actually work together.

Bringing software systems together can make a real-life difference in the lives of administrators, teachers and students –

  • Saving time logging in to different systems
  • Crossing departmental siloes
  • Sharing data to get a fuller picture
  • Partnering with fewer providers
  • Simplifying the experience for your educators

That’s why Frontline is taking a lead in building a platform of connected solutions for the K-12 community.

The Frontline Solution


How does integration make your life easier?

Here are just a few of the cool connection points between Frontline solutions, saving you time every day!

Educator’s PD request is approved

Absence and substitute request automatically created

The further in advance an absence is created, the higher the fill rates! Learn more here.

Applicant is hired

Employee record automatically comes over

Eliminate duplicate data entry in employee records and get onboarding underway faster!

Upload your district’s own PD resources or purchased content

Make it available to any employee with a Frontline login

Get useful resources into your employees’ hands faster!

Key Features

Underpinning our platform are a number of important features to make sure you have the best experience possible. We continue to roll these features out to more and more of our solutions as we move towards an integrated platform.

Identity Management

Reduce all those user names and passwords! Save time and protect your employee information with a unified approach to managing basic employee information and a single Frontline ID.

Common User Experience

Same navigation, look and feel… it’s getting easier than ever to move from one Frontline solution to the next without skipping a beat.

SOC2-Compliant Security

Your student & employee data are safe-guarded with SOC2-compliant security measures.

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Beautiful, role-based dashboards provide quick and easy access to day-to-day insights you can act on immediately.

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Embedded benchmarks use data from the Frontline Research & Learning Institute to instantly show how your data compares to other districts nationwide, in your state or of similar locale.

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Tech on the Go

From the mobile app to Alexa skills, accomplish urgent tasks and get key information on the go.

Ready to learn more?

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