the Frontline Insights Platform

Data-Driven Solutions to Attract, Engage, Grow & Retain Top Talent

Hiring – and holding on to – top talent continues to be one of the greatest challenges facing school systems today. While teachers are leaving the field, fewer and fewer are taking their place. And everyone in the organization is tasked with doing more with less.  

With limited time, resources and funding, addressing these challenges requires collaboration across every department in the district. And it requires a strategic, data-driven approach to attracting, engaging, growing and retaining K-12 talent. That’s why we’ve created the Frontline Insights Platform.

Insights Platform

What is the Frontline Insights Platform?

The Frontline Insights Platform is our answer to the need for one system for K-12 that can help you attract, engage, grow and retain your educators – the greatest single impact on student learning.

By bringing critical technologies together, we’re providing on-demand, actionable insights to support educator growth and improved student outcomes.

Built on a comprehensive set of solutions, the Insights Platform reduces administrative workload while supporting data-driven decisions aligned to district goals and strategic objectives.

Our Solutions:

Insights Platform



We’re laying the groundwork for a completely connected set of solutions for K-12, and many of our solutions already include this enhanced functionality.

Identity Management

Save time and protect your employee information with a unified approach to managing basic employee information that includes a single ID for many of your Frontline solutions. Reduce all those user names and passwords!

SOC2-Compliant Security

Your employee data should be just as secure as your student data — that’s why we maintain a FERPA-compliant security policy that’s industry-leading for K-12 employee information.

Mobile Access

Access key functions of your Frontline solutions on the go, right from the convenience of your phone.

Learn more about our mobile app 

Common UI & Navigation

From a common user interface (think colors and branding) to consistent navigation, we’re making it easier than ever to move seamlessly across the Frontline solutions.


Role-based dashboards provide quick and easy access to operational insights, while the embedded Institute Report shows your data side-by-side with validated data from other districts nationwide, in your state or of similar locale.

Course Libraries

Access compliance and professional growth courses that provide crucial learning for employees and are fully-SCORM compliant.

In their own words…


Frontline Central Imac

“Connected systems help us have a broader view of who we are as a school district and how we interact and interrelate with each other. It brings our professional learning, our curriculum instruction and our hiring and recruiting processes together. Ultimately, all of those play a part in student achievement. Now, we have that data available and that data is connected. It provides a much richer conversation and ultimately leads to better instruction and better learning experiences for our kids.”

– Bob Kreifels, Blue Valley Public Schools

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