Absence & Substitute Management

Easily manage employee leave and automatically schedule qualified substitutes when needed.

You need to ensure that student learning continues uninterrupted, even when employees are out. But that means you need to find time to manage absence requests, check leave balances, respond to what feels like the entire district asking “How many days do I have available?” and find the right substitute when needed.

Absence & Substitute Management (formerly Aesop) lets you reclaim your time, ensure that student learning continues and get the data you need to make strategic decisions.



Reduced Absenteeism

Increase teacher accountability and limit discretionary absences with real-time absence reporting, so you can understand why employees are out and have conversations about making changes.


Qualified Substitutes

Make it easy for substitutes to accept jobs, and ensure that absences are covered by the right substitute to support uninterrupted education.


Greater Visibility

Easily keep track of employee leave and substitute schedules, so you can know how much employee absences are costing your district.


Robust Reporting

Get instant access to the data you need. It’s easy to track absence and fill rates, and manage substitute hours for the Affordable Care Act.

One solution for employee absences and time.

Student learning shouldn’t come to a halt when your people are out — and the rest of your work shouldn’t stop, either. We make it easy to manage employee absences and find qualified substitutes to fill in, so you have the time and data for higher-level priorities.

And as part of our complete Frontline Absence & Time solution, you can get the full picture of employee attendance in one place. See when employees are out and when they’re working, and bring it all together for better insights into what’s happening in your district.


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