Frontline Professional Growth Helps Illinois Schools Meet State-Level Requirements for Performance Evaluation Reform Act with Exclusive Access to Digital Danielson Framework

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Over 100 Illinois Districts and Charter Schools Currently Leverage Frontline Education’s Exclusive Rights to Danielson Framework to Support Ongoing Evaluations and Continuous Learning

MALVERN, PA – November 21, 2017 Frontline Education today announced an ongoing commitment to helping Illinois schools meet state-level requirements for the Performance Evaluation Reform Act (PERA) through the Danielson Framework. The Danielson Framework for Teaching Evaluation Instrument, 2013 edition, available exclusively through Frontline’s Professional Growth Solution, was selected by the Illinois Department of Education to provide educators with a shared understanding of what good teaching looks like and inform the evaluation process.

“As a part of their training, teacher evaluators are required to complete training on the Framework for Teaching Proficiency, founded on the work of Charlotte Danielson,” according to Growth Through Learning Illinois. “For this portion of the teacher evaluator training CEC Partnership contracted with Teachscape [now a part of Frontline Profession Growth] to provide services on evidence collection for the Growth Through Learning Program.”

PERA was implemented in 2010 to compel school districts to design and implement performance evaluation systems that assess teachers’ and principals’ professional skills as well as incorporate measures of student growth. To assure evaluations are effective, accurate and consistent, PERA requires teacher and administrative evaluators be trained and prequalified to conduct observations, collect evidence, and provide helpful feedback in a timely way. Every five years, a re-certification process helps evaluators sharpen their observation skills and encourage uniform application of standards for fair and transparent evaluations.

Frontline Education’s Professional Growth Solution offers exclusive digital rights to the Danielson Framework. Using this framework, districts can establish a common language that carries through the evaluation process to support continuous learning. Calibration and evaluation management tools are included in Frontline Professional Growth.

Used in urban, suburban and rural districts, Frontline Professional Growth enables evaluations to support continuous learning based on observation feedback. Evaluators can suggest courses or educators can self-select from hundreds of options designed to support educators at every stage in their career.

“As a partner to the education community, it is critical to understand and adapt to our clients’ needs based on legislation at both the federal and state-level,” said Frontline Education CRO Jim Catalino. “Our solutions and our services have to remain flexible enough to ensure compliance and serve an ever-changing education landscape.”



About Frontline Professional Growth: 

Frontline Professional Growth brings professional learning management, reporting, growth-focused evaluations and observer calibration together in one comprehensive solution. Administrators and educators save time and increase training module efficacy with a dynamic online catalog of targeted learning opportunities and streamlined workflows. Frontline Professional Growth clients gain valuable insights into employee learning and development while ensuring compliance by easily compiling and reporting state-required data. Frontline’s adaptive solution recommends targeted professional learning based on evaluation results and equips educators to engage in self-reflection and peer collaboration to ensure the growth and enrichment throughout the educator lifecycle.

About Frontline Education: 

Frontline Education is an integrated insights partner serving more than 12,000 Educational Organizations and millions of educators, administrators and support personnel in their efforts to develop the next generation of learners. With nearly 20 years of experience serving the front line of education, Frontline Education is dedicated to providing actionable insights that enable informed decisions and drive engagement across school systems.

Bringing together the best education software solutions into one unified platform, Frontline makes it possible to efficiently and effectively manage the administrative needs of the education community, including their recruiting and hiring, employee absences and attendance, professional growth and special education and interventions programs. Frontline Education corporate headquarters are in Malvern, Pennsylvania, with offices in Andover, Massachusetts, Rockville Centre, New York and Chicago, Illinois.

Thoma Bravo is the majority investor in Frontline Education. It acquired Frontline Education in August 2017.

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Frontline Professional Growth Helps Illinois Schools

Frontline Professional Growth – Exclusive provider of the Danielson Framework

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