Brevard Public Schools at a Glance:

Grades: PreK-12
Enrollment: 73,000+
Teachers & Staff: 9,000+
Schools: 86


Brevard Public Schools

Streamlining IEP and Medicaid processes, and saving time and money with Frontline Special Education Management


Brevard Public Schools — the 10th-largest district in Florida and the largest employer in Brevard County — employs 9,000 staff members serving over 73,000 students.

At one time, Brevard used a paper-based system for IEP case management. Like many districts using such manual processes, they faced a mountain of paperwork, frequently inaccurate data, a convoluted paper trail and compliance challenges. Brevard needed an automated solution for IEP case management.

Now, Brevard manages its special education and Medicaid processes, as well as 504 and Gifted programs, with Frontline Special Education Management. With Frontline, they have:

  • Streamlined IEP and Medicaid management processes
  • Consolidated IEP, 504 and Gifted programs into a single system
  • Improved the quality of IEPs
  • Decreased IEP preparation time by 50%
  • Reduced IEP meeting length by 50%
  • Saved money and days of time in meeting IEP requirements, such as testing accommodations
  • Eliminated one- to two-month delay in Medicaid billing and reimbursement
  • Improved accountability in logging services
  • Reduced paperwork and eliminated redundancy
  • Improved efficiency and productivity